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  • xcalib and Catalyst

    Hello, I try to adjust my color screen with the icm color profile provide on the CD of my screen with Xcalib.

    My color profile is name: fp93gx.icm

    I have download the "precompiled Linux binary (version 0.8)" and I have take it on my home folder with the color profile. After, I have write on the consol:
    sudo ./xcalib fp93gx.icm
    Result, nothing! No error message, no change with the color. I have also try xcalib_fglrx but it's the same result.

    Can you help me? Tank you,
    Pier Luc

    My config:
    ATI Radeon 9550
    Catalyst 8.4
    Ubuntu 7.10

    The log of ubuntu:
    Apr 20 17:21:50 pierluc sudo: pierluc : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/home/pierluc ; USER=root ; COMMAND=./xcalib fp93gx.icm
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    Why do you sudo for that ?
    xcalib need to be run using the user currently logged on this screen.
    It work fine for me. To automatically load the profile at each login I added the command to ~/.kde/Autostart/ (for kde desktop)


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      So it's just
      ./xcalib fp93gx.icm
      But, I don't tink that it will cahnge any thing. When I have run the command line with sudo I do not have see any change on the colors of my desktop background.

      It's not normal. The colors of the web site are very more beautiful on MacOSX (Imac) than on Linux (PC)


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        Normally applying an ICC profile do only very subtle change so it is best to look at some calibration pattern to easily see any change. A gradient is good to appreciate the global contrast change.
        To appreciate the change you can quickly revert to no profile display with xcalib -c

        For a quick test I use the pattern from


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          Tank you pchev, I will teest it when I will be un my tux computer. Now I'me on an Mac.