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2D acceleration for HD3850 aka RV670

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  • 2D acceleration for HD3850 aka RV670

    Using Hardy with the VESA switch and I was thinking would there be any difference for me if I was using RADEON or RADEONHD since AFAIK none of them support 2D acceleration for RV670.

    The job I am doing on Hardy is watch some movie, browse the net, C and JAVA programing, compiling,...

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    Neither of the open drivers support any R6xx acceleration yet. Shouldn't be too long though...


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      so would there be any advantage if I were to switch the driver to RADEON or RADEONHD from VESA?


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        Absolutely. The native X drivers give you a number of advantages. The most obvious ones are :

        - unrestricted mode support (vesa is limited to VBE modes)
        - higher performance thanks to shadowfb code

        A good place to start might be the recent radeonhd 1.2 release, particularly if you can find it pre-built for your distro.

        If you are downloading from git and building yourself, I think there is one fix required after 1.2 to fix a compile issue, so you might as well go with the head of the tree.