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Question for AMD people: Radeon 3800 clock and power management

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  • Question for AMD people: Radeon 3800 clock and power management

    I recently bought a Sapphire 3850 Ultimate graphics card, and there is similar situation with power management as the one I've described for 1950Pro at It seems that the 3850 driver uses a different method to keep the GPU cooler and use less electricity: dynamic clock management.

    When running Linux and booting to Windows to measure GPU temperature, card reports 50 deg C (after a relatively short period of running linux). In Windows it goes down to 40 degrees.

    Since the rovclock utility doesn't work, and aticonfig --list-powerstates lists only gibberish, there is no way for me to keep the card cool and friendlier to the environment under linux currently.

    Can we have a list of registers to monitor GPU usage%, and to set and get memory and GPU clock, and possibly to read the temperature of the GPU? What about the mentioned lmsensors support for hw monitoring for the r300-r500 series?
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    There is some info about releasing PowerPlay documentation I've missed before at

    so I hope this info will be released soon.

    For the sensors part I2C bus driver for lmsensors should first be written. Documentation for the rv630 lists a lot of the i2c related registers for doing that. It is not clear though who is doing that currently, if anybody is.

    There is also some info in the rv630 docs about clock registers. I'm not sure it's the same as rv680 registers, but I hope I'll have some time to play with that info.
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