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    I'm responding to one of your posts from the other AMD/ATI forum here 'cause your questions were mostly related to open source :

    I'm not as well versed as I'd like to be and having at least three different sources for drivers make it's somewhat confusing. We have Open Source, Avivo and ATI Proprietary...
    The avivo driver (avivo/avivo in is actually retired; the active drivers right now are radeonhd (xorg/driver/xf86-video-radeonhd), radeon (xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati) and fglrx (aka Catalyst, download from

    ...and apparently there is going to be an additional source either temporarily or permanently while ATI decides how best to share it's code with "Open Source" developers.
    Any new source we publish would be for developer reference only, although the devs might also be able to copy and paste some chunks of code into one of the existing drivers. No intention of adding any more drivers for users to worry about.

    Thanks for the notice, it's a new day and I'll take some time to peruse both the RadeonHD and Avivio distribution sites to see if they have hard release dates.
    I'm pretty sure that the radeonhd driver in recent distros releases should support your 5xx card - maybe try that first.

    Textured video support in the radeon driver is very recent (within the last 2 weeks) so if you want to try that you would probably need to get into downloading from git and compiling the driver (or wait a bit longer).

    I expect that both radeonhd and radeon are coming up on time for a new release (say in the next few weeks) and that's when the distros would look at picking up the latest code, but that is only a guess based on what I see being added to the driver source.

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    Since the radeon and radeonhd projects seem to be converging, should we expect a merge of the two at some point in the near future?