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    Originally posted by Melf View Post
    Well, i also have Mobility Radeon X2300, running Ubuntu Gutsy on Asus F3Jr laptop and I did and upgrade from 8.1 fglrx using the automatic installation.
    So far tested:
    xv - finaly works, no blocks or diagonal tearing, even HD demos run fine, it also uses noticably less CPU
    3D - tested glxgears and fgl_glxgears, all works, score +- the same
    suspend - tried a few times, seems to work
    hibernate - not tested yet, worked on 8.1 but with dead sound
    compiz - no luck but it has never worked in the past,so its perhaps some configuration mess on my side
    With 8.3 on a 690 based board I now get 1150 on glxgears (up from 300) - still don't know if that is a reasonable score for the HW but certainly a substantial improvement. Video is no longer pixellated when scaled up and the tearing seems to be gone.

    Performance for 1080P isn't great but I don't know that is the driver. Using the same machine I run the same 1080P mkv file using VLC on both Win2K and Gutsy. On W2K it is smooth as silk. On Gutsy it keeps pausing, almost as if waiting for the next keyframe (I frame? can't remember the right term for the frame with full image info in it)... sometimes it runs for almost a minute just fine and then the pausing/stuttering starts. Since it is the same hardware and the same player (VLC) it is likely something else... My hunch is that doing the same task is requiring more CPU power on Gutsy than on W2k. But as for why... it could be the ATI driver, or some missing setting ( I have texturedvideo on and videooverlay off but perhaps there are other settings for the driver that would help?) but it could also be X doing something, or even Gutsy.

    I'll probably go back to W2k if I can't figure out the stuttering fairly quickly, but still this was a significant an improvement over 8.2 - thanks to all the people who made it happen!


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      Working pretty well on Fedora 8 with 9550 AGP

      Catalyst 8.3 seems to be working quite well for me on Fedora 8. The custom package build process fails, but direct installation worked fine. I'm using a 9550 card, since the HD2600 AGP still doesn't work. Maybe it will finally work in next month's driver?

      It would be nice to have screen rotation, as I want to turn my existing 20" 1600x1000 monitor to a portrait orientation and set it next to a 30" monitor.


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        White screen after login with 8.3 driver

        Yesterday, I attempted to upgrade from the 8.2 catalyst driver to 8.3. The installation went fine, and I rebooted, and the graphical boot process started up just fine, as the GDM. That's where the good news stops.

        After entering my username and password, I got a white screen, and that's all I got. I could switch to a console, and see that everything that should normally startup had, but when switching back to the graphical screen, I still just had a white screen. I went back to the 8.2 driver, and everything is working as before.

        I am running Fedora 8, and starting up Compiz Fusion using the Compiz Fusion Icon program (that's the only way it ever worked for me) as the first application in my startup sequence after logging in.

        Anyone else seeing this?


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          HDMI sound

          BTW has anyone succeeded in getting sound to be sent through the HDMI port (using a GA-MA69GM-S2H) with the 690? Works fine for me in Windoze but nada in Gutsy...


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            Originally posted by Extreme Coder View Post
            I'm truly surprised with this driver!
            For once, I am content with what I have, I don't need anything more.
            Compiz(using AIGLX), Video playback using Xv(without tearing, green bars or something like that), and 3D games are working as they are supposed to be!
            The only problem I have is that anything 3D or using video (Xv) keeps flickering when I'm using Compiz.. Anyone got a solution for that?

            are you redirecting offscreen pixmaps and using the fullscreen workarounds that are in the compiz control center?


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              Originally posted by sloggerKhan View Post
              are you redirecting offscreen pixmaps and using the fullscreen workarounds that are in the compiz control center?
              I'm not viewing the video in fullscreen, so I'm not sure a fullscreen workaround would do any good, but what is that redirecting offscreen pixmaps?


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                R300 user here. TexturedVideo performance is now on par with that of VideoOverlay. It is now possible to enable Textured2D without losing XVideo performance/quality (!).
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                  so this release could be called: "the not so crapy release"

                  i'm getting good preformance and less bugs :-D

                  it's not that bad.. but the last month Michael said: "we have reason to believe that AMD does still have a few tricks left in its Linux bag that could make 2007 look mundane. For what it's worth, next month is the one-year anniversary of the AMD Catalyst Control Center for Linux."

                  leaving us to understand: "the next month there will be a great surprise!! especially for the control center"

                  but this month: "The only new feature in this month's proprietary Linux driver is X-Video support for the Xpress 1200 hardware, but there are a few bug fixes that may satisfy some Linux users."

                  that means: no great changes.

                  but ok this driver is ok, the best in the last 3/4 months....


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                    For Fedora 7 Users

                    If you use the ATI installer to generate RPMs for Fedora 7 (and possibly later versions):

                    You need to create a link from /usr/lib/dri/ to /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/!

                    cd /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri
                    ln -s ../../../../lib/dri/ .

                    Otherwise you'll get segmentation faults in all 3D application and random incorrect rendering.
                    This is true since version 7.12.

                    Since it took me a while to figure this out (looking at 'strace glxgears' output), I thought this might be useful for others.


                    • With 8.3, my HD 2400 PRO AGP finally works.But it's strange and really slow especially using vmware-workstation.
                      Anyone have the same problem?