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radeonhd, xrandr, start X app. 2nd monitor

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  • radeonhd, xrandr, start X app. 2nd monitor

    I am using the radeonhd driver and have 2 identical monitors(DVI and VGA). I am using xrandr and have the monitors set up in extended desktop mode. I can move windows between the two monitors. How can I direct an X application to open in the 2nd monitor on startup? Something like

    DISPLAY=:0.1 xterm

    doesn't seem to work.



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    Try "-geometry" option in command line
    konsole -geometry 1035x839+1388+73


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      Yeah... geometry option makes sense.

      As far as I know with xrandr you only have 1 xscreen.

      xrandr aware applications (like metacity and KDE-equivilant) should intelligently place new windows according to what physical monitor is current "active". E.g, if you click a firefox icon on the 2nd screen firefox will open there. This is by observation on my system. A few applications, older ones I have noticed like xmms. don't get created as cleanly.

      It also intelligently fullscreens apps to the size of the physical screen. Again some applications don't behave nicely. For instance, when fullscreening totem it ultimately collapses my desktop to one monitor. However kaffeine does not do this.

      I've noticed QT Apps handle xrandr slightly better than GTK based apps. (on average in my experience). This is slightly unfortunate because I enjoy gnome/gtk+ more so then KDE/QT; but I imagine the gtk camp will integrate xrandr more so in future releases now that it is more widespread technology.