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  • How AMD should play it

    Now it looks like AMD is verry open source friendly.
    There are two news that made me think about something:the release of their performance library and the evaluations about releasing parts from amd's driver from last Fall.
    What if amd released all of fglrx except the drm parts. I know that it was discussed but bear with me.
    There could be a program that it would download the source code from the internet, tell the user that there is also a binary blob that would include aditional functionality, download that if the user whants to, then it will compile the driver(here amd's performance library could help too) and then it will install the driver.The user will love it.

    There are more benefits to that:
    -All of amd's developers would work on one driver plus the comunity.
    -amd's tcore would help on testing but also bugs and tests performed by users would be submitted to a bug reporting website.
    -small problems would take less than a month to resolve.
    -also for new developers it would be much more easy to start working on the driver having documentation, source code and bug reports all in one place.