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AMD Radeon R9 290 OpenGL On Ubuntu 15.04: Catalyst vs. RadeonSI Gallium3D

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    Originally posted by marceel View Post
    I haven't read so much BS in one comment. I haven't played TF or X3 but other games run perfectly normal with fgrlx on my 6970. And Wine is running better with fgrlx than with open drivers. And steam Skyrim is running 60+fps without mods and with mods its about 40.
    wine skyrim dont work in fglrx for me and never did(4850x2, 7770, 7850, r9-280), even latest beta crash the game.

    My mods include
    Several parallax improvements mods
    TrueVision ENB
    hell lot of 4k and uncompressed texture mods including fairskin or true daugthers of skyrim mod uncompressed
    LOD improvement mods
    SKSE latest(including eshon memory stuff)
    lots of parallax 4k landscape mods (verdand, treebark, sfo, etc), btw my grass is at 40
    water and climate mods(SLO, tw2, etc.)
    high resolution replacer mods for face, armors, weapons, eyes, mouth, brows, animals, hair(sg+apachi+combined sg)
    high density meshes for CBBE bodies + spms32 skeletons with extra bones for stuff...
    every hot mama follower ever created
    lots of skse dependant mods like EFF, and others for stuff ....
    falkreath <-- Awesome
    Including all settings set in ultra + custom decals and LOD
    this ofc include ENB Antialiasing which truevision set it very high(not sure if SMAA tho)

    With this settings depending the fglrx version, i've been able to trigger even kernel panics, where radeonsi with gallium nine runs it at playable framerate for hours (better than windows 7 sometimes since i guess wine handle better 32bits memory limit per processes and avoid kill the apllication when it reach retard amounts of RAM (falkreath is a killer in windows sometimes, too much rocks with 4k uncompressed textures to fit in 2GB ram)<-- i guess, havent go that deep to be sure).

    same applies to CIV5 for me, vanilla civ5 runs fine on fglrx but when you start modding shit hit the fan, with radeonsi i just loose FPS(due graphical mods ofc).

    with skyline fglrx works ok but i get nerve wrecking stutter randomly or just Puff crashes(with 7770, 7850, r9-280 aka ll GCN class hardware maybe with r600 is a different story) when i stop playing for few mins(going to bath for example), with radeonsi it 100% stable and smooth all the time

    Note im not saying fglrx just doesn't work(it was like that before tho) and i admit there has been improvements but i judge drivers for more than simply come to phoronix and see which one has the bigger FPS bar, for me versatility, stability and features matter a lot. I mean if one driver let me play 60+FPS but crash when i mod for me is useless and i will prefer always the one that let me do whatever the hell i want without fail but show 35 FPS in those pretty phoronix bars and i mean everytime hands down but if your thing is FPS then that is your choice and that is fine