I have a dream... a day when I can use my mobility x300 haw it can be works, a day when compiz is usable (with Radeon Open-Source is usable, with fglrx 8.01 no), when I can see all my video without problem and I can see my dvd on TV with tv-out (don't work with Radeon, little bit with fglrx), when I can play x-plane (with Radeon no, with fglrx yes!!!!), when ???

I can't understand why fglrx driver are unusable with compiz, it's a driver problem not an hardware problem, with Radeon it works great, fast, but, sometimes, it crashes, ok is Open-Source driver, fglrx now support AIGLX, but,.. it's slow, very slow.

3D performance of fglrx now is good, I can play games, but with radeon no, why? beacuse AMD release the spec of new hardware but nothing, nothing, nothing for old hardware, but not so old, for example in Italy the majority of people have an R300 or R400, and AMD? the most used and consolidated hardware is the poor supported, no spec, and bad fglrx support than for the new driver, I repeat, I CAN'T UDERSTAND. WHY NO SPEC FOR R300?

Why all the things I need works but something with a driver something with another driver, is ridicoulus.

And, at the end, with fglrx driver I was forced to change disto from fedora to ubuntu, but I hate Ubuntu, isn't clean and stable like fedora, but fglrx works better.

AMD, only a question, WHY?

Is simple, but no answers.

That's all folks