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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    You forget to use the "real" version as first option to That's NOT 8-01 but 8.452.1. Example from my script:

    bash $VER --buildpkg $DISTRIB_ID/$DISTRIB_CODENAME
    Thanks a bunch Kano! That did the trick. Packages have been successfully generated. W00t!


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      Uhh it makes me wonder !!

      When does the fglrx comedy will end, when AMD/ATI will have all the spec released ? So anyone could just play with working open-source driver ?
      It represents such a waste of resource,

      I am pretty sure that the driver's devs at AMD would be very pleased to work for the open-source one instead of continuing to build frustrating / unused (since it won't never be installed by default).
      I wouldn't like to be one of them, being flamed at every released isn't motivating. I hope for them that one day they could dev on the open-source side, they would be warmly welcomed, right ?
      It is such a pain to see how the industry has build limitations on natural progress of things.
      I know the "we don't do what we want" blabla, I only talk about how peoples feel it. And how they can feel to be useful in their job.

      What would it be if AMD stopped the release of fglrx for some time, to push the open-source project to the top ?
      I guess there are far more hope from every users in the open source driver, so if anyone working on fglrx would work on radeon and radeonhd, who would complain ?
      After that they could reuse most of the code to build the closed pieces on top of the open source part.
      I know that there it is risky to push the driver if the spec are not out, but I am sure that M. Bridgman wouldn't refuse some help to accomplish his goals.

      I know that my post isn't smart nor well thought maybe full of contradiction and not well written (french speaking inside), I only speak about how I feel this rahhhhh it's so egocentric, but who's not frustrated ?

      Anyway piece everyone, I feel compassion for devs who certainly work hard but can't express themselves to their full potential.
      Hope for better days without fglrx, good night everyone.
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        My friend on a previous post here you ask a fellow which Xorg acceleration type he uses XAA or EXA.

        Can we use EXA acceleration with fglrx?? And if yes how? Cause my xorg.0.log always reports about the classic XAA accel...
        Should I change something at my xorg.conf?

        Also I can confirm Suspend2RAM now works here for my 2.6.24-rc7 kernel on openSuSE 10.3 64-bit system.

        Compared to 7.12 AIGLX behaviour is the same, 3D-2D performance the same.

        The previous driver enabled XV and Textured features for 32-bit systems for RS690 chipset-X1250 AVIVO IGP! I can confirm that too...

        But still no Xv and Textured stuff here for my 64-bit opensuse.. Any ideas when will this be enabled for us?? Cause I was looking forward to 8.1 expecting AVIVO Xv support for 64 bit too... But no luck again

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          For me the drivers work fine..If anything I see an improvement in fps running UT2K4 over the 7.12's..with them the fps would dip into the yellow and flicker red on occasion.. Solid green with the 8.01.4's
          averaged out a nice 92 low 45 high 178..Scrolling in FF is fine, compiz-fusion works when I enable it..

          Only downside is using AMD's default installer..Mandriva has yet to fix their --buildpkg script.
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            Originally posted by shamooki View Post
            Try the three R!

            I had a similar problem, and it went away after uninstalling the 8.45 rpm, installing the 8.40 rpm, uninstalling that and installing 8.45 again, with reboots inserted in this procedure generously. Feels like windows...
            Thanks for you help. I managed to get it to work in the end.

            Although I still have decided to go back to radeonhd as Fglrx 8.1 still renders well anything extremely slowly since the launch of the new code base. ATI fix the regression.


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              As long as you do not have to maintain a distro you whould not wait for ATI. Just buy NVIDIA, much better choice. I would not even consider AMD motherboards anymore - as long as you don't use ATI gfx cards Intel boards are much more stable... I know that does not help to sell AMD/ATI things but the drivers are so bad that if you need more than 2d accelleration or you own such an old card that it works with the standard ati driver you will not be happy. Maybe you can work around some issues but as soon as you visit a friend with other hardware then you will see the difference. ATI cards do not even render everything, they only tested with some games, not more. Thats why tools like gl2benchmark show how incomplete the new codebase is - test 3/4 never worked after 8.40.4 and on 64 bit the tool even segfaults only. I see no way to recommend ATI currently - just using a few gaming benchmarks does not provide the full picture of the driver status.


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                Originally posted by SledgeHammer_999 View Post
                I just hope that they fix the "xV" related issues pretty soon because I hate that my videoplayback is not as good as in WinXP.
                FWIW if you haven't tried already, what I do to work around the Xv corruption is use mplayers gl driver.

                On my x1600 pro AGP 512meg card

                mplayer -vo gl:yuv=4:lscale=1

                gives h/w accelerated yuv->RGB and a not too bad looking bicubic scale.

                You need working GL of course and I haven't tried with AIGLX.
                Older cards may need different options - they are documented in the mplayer man page.


                PS/OT if any catalyst people see this - can you tell the XP people that directx (dxdiag 3d tests) has been broken on this card since August !! (7-7 last working).


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                  A "good" driver. Sure, many of the previous faults are still there, but at least they fixed a few things and no apparent regressions have occurred. When they mange to get Xv and OpenGL working with AIGLX and Compiz, then I will really be happy. My R6xx cards have problems generating pixmaps in Compiz, but I hope they fix it in the next few releases.
                  For me personally, what the devs should really work on is on getting frequency scaling working properly. In some of my cards, the driver will only read the "2D clocks", and since frequency scaling is not yet supported on R6xx chips... well, you get the idea.


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                    I really like this driver release, my max resolution on 7.12 was 1200x1024, despite my monitors native res being 1440x900. With 8.01 version its displaying 1440x900 perfectly.

                    One thing that ticks me off is that video playback kinda looks pixelated and blocky compared to ati drivers using vlc on my windows partition.

                    If anyone has options for my xorg.conf to improve video quality, flick me a private message


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                      Hm, yeah, no regressions. I'd just be nice to get usable vsync in opengl. That will probably take quite a while if ever.