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What Is AtomBIOS & These Different Drivers?

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  • Originally posted by b15hop View Post
    Here from Australia.
    If it helps, I believe Dave Airlie works out of the Red Hat office in Brisbane.

    I have not confirmed this visually though, since my last trip to Australia happened before he moved out there


    • Thanks for this explanation. I've been on a mission to understand the software stack on my computers, especially the graphics. For one reason, my current systems are stuck with fglrx or radeon (e.g pre-GCN). I have it from a good source that the radeon driver is a pretty good performer wrt the proprietary fglrx. However, navigating the discussion of mesa-this, gallium-that, vulkan-the-other, I've a way to go, but am getting a better handle on it. I think if I ever get around to experimenting with coding around the linux graphics ecology, then I'll learn!