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ATI's Radeon HD 3850 & 3870 On Linux

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  • ATI's Radeon HD 3850 & 3870 On Linux

    Phoronix: ATI's Radeon HD 3850 & 3870 On Linux

    ASUS, a long-time sponsor of Phoronix, has sent out their latest ATI graphics cards, which consist of the EAH3850 TOP and EAH3870 TOP. These two graphics cards are factory-overclocked compared to the reference Radeon HD 3850 and HD 3870 specifications.

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    My Ati 3850 works nicely with Quake Wars, I've played 5 minutes and noticed good performance and the same issue with "flashing sky" as in Windows XP; the brightness changes sometimes.


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      Perhaps driver bugs causing the "flashing sky"?


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        Windows drivers are the same version (Catalyst 7.11) and there is a thread about some problems like that on official game forums:


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          Playing some videos with Videolan shows that XV extension is not enabled, if the video window is maximized or in fullscreen the image is more or less pixelated, depending on original resolution.

          There is a thread about Ati Catalyst 7.11 and Quake Wars on the official forum:

          the ingame sky flashes sometimes on some maps, no difference between Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.10, at least on my computer.


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            Card suddenly show black screen when going into graphical mode, I don't know what happened, this is really weird.


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              I would love to see power consumption also being addressed in the upcoming reviews. Hint: Does Power Play work out of the box or is driver support needed and will it be availiable in Catalyst and RadeonHD?


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                Problems with black screen gone, maybe there were some issues related to the Nvidia 7300GT I was running on before; I needed to uninstall the Ubuntu fglrx driver before installing the Ati latest one.