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radeonsi, southern islands random gpu lockups 3.15+, 3.16-rc*

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  • radeonsi, southern islands random gpu lockups 3.15+, 3.16-rc*


    so no one actually has mentioned the random lockups that occur with 3.15 and 3.16* kernel series ...

    well with 3.15.6 it occurs only for short moments and/or that X is crashing (so it's at least partly able to recover from it)

    with 3.16-rc6 and latest drm-fixes it's now hardlocking pretty soon after starting up the system

    card is a R9 270X

    unfortunately I'm not in the position to troubleshoot/bisect since /home is on an ZFS partition and things take ages to set up - automation also is not possible & this box is needed for scientific research

    so - hm, any ideas what to do ?

    switch to windows meanwhile (not really an option since all data is on /home & it would be pretty hard to copy over stuff selectively and regularly rebooting) ?

    replacing the card with something older ? is the radeon graphics stack even stable with 3.15 & 3.16-rc* right now ?

    how's the experience with 3.14 kernels for you guys ?

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    Yes, kernel 3.15 and 3.16-rc has been unstable with Sea Islands chips. I think it should be fixed with latest drm-fixes-3.16 from here:

    If not, you can use kernel 3.14 which works fine.


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      using the following - so I guess it was already the newest fixes, unfortunately seemed to trigger it even faster

      Thanks marek, will try 3.14 based kernels then