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  • it would be neat to provide a generic tar.gz target to the installer, so that people using any other distribution could simply use the generated package for their own needs.


    • Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
      it would be neat to provide a generic tar.gz target to the installer, so that people using any other distribution could simply use the generated package for their own needs.

      With that, why not have the ability for the installer to auto-detect the distribution if it's LSB compliant, and run the proper build scripts... Also fetch any needed dependencies and install the driver with all pre- and post- requisites that may be necessary?
      Michael Larabel


      • that might be too complicated, given the amount of distributions.

        i'd stop at just making a tar.gz, which would be a K.I.S.S. way of doing things for many people using non-standard distributions.


        • Relax, people! Why all this endless bitching? Will it accomplish anything useful? a resounding NO in my honest opinion. I feel that ATI/AMD are so entrenched in their ways that it will take such a major culture shift to achieve anything useful. With the state of the ATI binary blob on linux these days, its a pity you lot still use ATI cards whether by choice or not. Certainly I am not holding my breath.

          End of rant.


          • Originally posted by Michael View Post
            It's all a matter of NDA. I will say that ATI has a Christmas present for those using non-PCI Express hardware.
            We want the Christmas present NOW


            • Originally posted by hdas View Post
              erm, i might be looked upon as a troll or flamer, but you know, you guys would be better off with a nvidia card .
              Do you think I don't know that? But how do you replace graphics card in a laptop? How do you replace your work laptop? I'm using a laptop with radeon because I have to, not because I want to. And now I just need working drivers, which are not available, because Ati does not care about linux users too much.


              • some people say "you'd be better off with an nvidia card" without thinking too much, as stated by lite.

                i wouldn't be better off with an nvidia card. i chose ati because i wanted to see how bad it is on linux [and because their cards were cheaper at the time]. and surprisingly i've decided to stick with their cards, because of the great job that opensource driver developers pull off with their radeon driver. i hate being locked to a specific xorg/kernel combination because of one stupid driver [been using nvidia on linux for two years, then switched to ati and experienced the same with fglrx for another year or so]. and endure its bugs for _months_. it's that simple.

                i don't care what happens with fglrx. it might have some awesome features coming, but no matter how rich in features it will still be inferior to opensource solution from my point of view.

                i only hope for that both radeon and radeonhd opensource drivers will benefit from ati's documentation.


                • Despite the efforts of many people, I still can't consider Linux as a gaming OS anyways... I am an a-bit-more-than-casual-gamer. it could be a synonym of "I dual boot"

                  With the things stated above, I can say that I don't really give a damn about fglrx... what I tried to run did well enough to don't make me angry too much... I could completely forget about fglrx if opensource driver had proper shaders support. I hope that docs from ATI will help its devs fix it up a bit...

                  And if you'd like to ask me... my next laptop/desktop PC will have an ATI card. Guaranteed. :P


                  • When will be the normal scrolling in Firefox and Opera under Compiz? Will it be in 7.12? It is the major bug for me. I don't care about games or video. I just need a working desktop with all its features.
                    Also i need a suspend mode working, but i've lost all hopes.
                    Almost 2 years with X1600 - it's a really old card today. But I can not use all of it's advantages under Linux still.
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                    • I'll be honest to all the people bitching about the developers and calling them useless. That isn't going to get driver support done any better. Haven't you ever heard of using a carrot instead of the stick?

                      Help the developer with good bug reports and thank them when they fix things , as well as having a bit of patience and they'll want to come here and help you.

                      I'm a developer myself and if I was working for AMD/ATI I wouldn't come here to be bitched at by fanbois. How do you feel when you get nagged at all the time by your boss? your teacher? your parents? or your family? Why do you think they feel any different?

                      If you don't like AMD/ATI linux driver support then email the AMD/ATI management and sales people and if you get fed up waiting and change to another graphics card then email AMD/ATI management and sales and tell them why. It's no point taking it out on the developers they can't get more resources to work on it , it's the management who can do that and they will do that if driven by sales.

                      I'll be honest though I reckon 2008 will be a good year for AMD/ATI support, we'll get better support in fglrx and we'll also have an open source driver that'll have good 3D support when AMD/ATI release the specs. It'll be interesting to see if it ends up being better than fglrx.

                      I'm not an AMD/ATI fanboi. When I bought this laptop with ATI X1600 mobility graphics. I didn't even think of linux driver support. I was using windows at the time even though at university when I was doing my computer science degree. I'd used the unix boxes there (with fvwm95) for development and played around with the config files. I'd also had a look at other linux distributions earlier. I wasn't scared of the command line and a few hassles. Windows just did what I needed at home. Ubuntu made it easy enough and I'd got enough support that it wasn't going to be a continual battle so I've switched and only reboot into windows to play games.
                      Originally posted by SlickMcRunfast View Post
                      It would be nice if the installer this time around included Debian/Ubuntu installation. I think that would make alot of people happy. There was a hint of Ubuntu in the last release but I'm not really sure what it was. Someday
                      There are scripts in phorogit to handle that I think and then there is Kano's script.
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