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7.12 - speculation time...

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  • 7.12 - speculation time...

    7.12s are coming soon - time to play the guessing game again...

    I'll start:

    Name: about time fglrx stopped flickering

    Fetures: latest installscripts from phorogit, alot more bugs found, fgl pci ids added, 1 bug fixed ,tiny changelog plus a speed bump in et:qw (with a watermark hidden n the bottom right corner and a version bump to ccc yet no new features)

    Date: 18th Dec

    On a more serious side, im actually quite happy with the driver train - you know theres always something round the corner... n if there isn't theres radeon HD

    I suppose it'll be once the linux team expands and most of the ati documentation is released that will start to see the driver mature... hopefully this'll coincide with a native steam + source port by valve and more interaction with the community...

    No chance you can make a mini pci-x card for the eeepc while your at it

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    For once 7.11 was better than the previous release. The tearing on Videos using OpenGL is still there, but it is nowhere near as bad as it previously was. They've also hired or are hiring new developers for fglrx so let's hope they can finally get it right.


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      Fix memory leak. That's all that I currently care about...then make efficent. My video card fan cycles up more frequently under idle than in Windows.


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        Theres two things I want to see in this release anything else would be considered in my book, a bonus:

        1. Fix the memory leak people are having (I don't have this issue, but alot of people are. Hence this should be #1 on the list)

        2. Fix the interrupt issue on AGP Rialto cards. This should give us AGP users good performance once its fixed. (This is the one I care most about for me.)

        Games such as Quake using nQuake, with high resolution textures, my performance is pretty bad, I'll go from over 100 frames per second in some rooms, all the way down to 10 for no reason what so ever in others that are no different. And it'll stay like that unless I look at a wall and thats no fun. I tested this under Windows just to see where my performance would stand compared, and actually, when the card doesn't slow down in Linux due to the interrupt issue I'm guessing, its actually nearly as fast as the Windows driver.

        If they can fix that one performance issue, I can then relax with the card and have some fun for a change and get back to some real fast paced action. As every day goes by that these AGP performance issues continue, I become more and more rusty in the true fast paced department. Now, yes, I could run Windows and play the game, but I want Linux and fast paced action, so AMD/ATI, give me my milk and cookies.

        But what is it that I truly speculate in this 7.12 release?

        From the Release notes of 7.11:

        Known Issues

        The following section provides a brief description of known issues associated with the latest version of ATI Catalyst™ Linux software suite. These issues include:

        * There is no support for video playback on the second head in dual head mode. Further details can be found in topic number 737-26985
        * Desktop corruption may be noticed when dragging the overlay/video when using dual-display mode. Further details can be found in topic number 737-29578
        * A black screen may be observed on some hardware when switching to the console or leaving the X window system when a Vesa framebuffer console driver is used. Further details can be found in topic number
        I'm guessing one of those gets fixed. I'm guessing they do some pointless update to CCC. Maybe some xorg fix. Thats probably about it. But I hope they surprise me.

        Release Date? I'm guessing December 20th.
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          I would like it if they fixed the Dual head OpenGL bugs that i found... where opengl has issues with TV-out being used for dual monitors.


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            I would like it so much if they fixed the SLUB allocator thingey. Suspending my laptop would be nice.


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              Hopefully they fix Dual-head so you can have openGL/video output on either screen.


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                erm, i might be looked upon as a troll or flamer, but you know, you guys would be better off with a nvidia card . you can not only save yourself a lot of time, but also have a more quality time. its pretty funny to see that almost all the threads and articles on phoronix are all about amd/ati. its not gonna change anything. its a fact that amd/ati make crappy/no linux drivers, its not gonna change soon and its gonna take at least a year for them to come up with anything decent. it seems ridiculous that someone with a bog standard 9800 or x800 has no luck running some compositing and/or xvideo and/or 3d. and i believe its at least 2 generations old. nvidia guys are already thinking of dumping their geforce fx / 6 series cards after having used them to their full satisfaction. well, you can get a 3dfx card then . what makes it more fun is that people are struggling with superficial problems like versioning and watermarks and mem leaks and so on. lol. so long begging another 2 generations on phoronix forums .

                anyway, me just got hand on a new dell vostro with a geforce 8400m gs. (previously had a geforce 7400go on a hp dv5000t notebook.) what can i say, pure bliss (both were). open source/ closed source is an important issue, but professionalism is the first and foremost issue. surely the nvidia devs at least know that .


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                  alot more bugs found
                  . yeah - by end users.


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                    As an nvidia 7600GT user, I find these fglrx games rather amusing. The problems I've had with the nvidia linux drivers: ZERO.