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Ubuntu 8.04 Adopts RadeonHD 1.0

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  • Ubuntu 8.04 Adopts RadeonHD 1.0

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 8.04 Adopts RadeonHD 1.0

    Back on Thursday, November 29 the RadeonHD 1.0 driver was released and not even a week later it can now be found inside the Ubuntu 8.04 "Universe" repository. Previously the Ubuntu repository had RadeonHD 0.0.4.

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    Yes xD
    Now, when the dev's doing radeonhd gets to 2D acceleration, and gets it in working order I'll be a uber happy camper.

    3D can wait.


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      Ubuntu getting a bit slow is it?

      Mandriva had it uploaded to the repos in 2 days.


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        Well basically the message is not really important, when you know how this driver has come to ubuntu. The package is 1:1 identical with the Debian sid one. Even I added it before to my repository - when sid was still as 0.0.4... Why on earth is it important that hardy UNIVERSE added a new 1:1 backport? Until it is in main it will not be preinstalled. Next Kanotix will use it, uninstallable testimages are available via PM.


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          I had something very strange happen with Hardy. The original installation worked fine with the vesa driver, but when I installed radeonhd from repository (synaptic) and then checked to see if I needed to change etc/X11/xorg.conf...there was no /etc/X11/xorg.conf. The file simply wasn't there.

          I copied the one over from my Gutsy installation which unsurprizingly didn't work. dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg did, but radeonhd wasn't in the list of available drivers so I selected vesa and finished.

          That came up OK, installed readeonhd again from repository (synaptic), changed vesa to radeonhd in xorg.conf and now all is well and happy. Xorg.log shows the radeonhd driver is loaded.

          So, no real problem, but I thought not having an xorg.conf file at all was a bit strange, especially since gdm started and the desktop looked and worked fine.


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            You don't need a configuration file anymore since Xserver 1.3 or so.

            If you still need a configuration file, it's probably better to use a "minimal" one. Take a look at my configuration, for example:

            Section "Files"
            Section "Module"
            Section "Device"
            	Identifier	"Failsafe Device"
            	Driver		"ati"
            	Option		"EnablePageFlip"
            	Option		"DynamicClocks"
            	Option		"GARTSize" "64"
            	Option		"AccelMethod" "EXA"
            Section "Screen"
            	Identifier	"Default Screen"
            	Device		"Failsafe Device"
            	SubSection "Display"
            		Virtual 2048 768
            	#	Virtual 2824 1024
            Section "ServerLayout"
            	Identifier	"Default Layout"
            	Screen		"Default Screen"
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              Ok....ah yes.

              The xorg.conf generated by dpgk-reconfigure was pretty minimal, come to think of it.

              Couple of questions. If there is no default xorg.conf, is there another way to tell the xserver to use a different video driver....i.e., is there a "better" way to tell it to use radeonhd or fglrx instead of vesa?

              If xorg.conf is now really more like a x-options.conf, do you need to have a fully formed file or can it just contain the sections with desired changes?