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[Notebook n620c] Ati Mobility 7500 very slowly with "radeon"....Pleas AMD!

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  • [Notebook n620c] Ati Mobility 7500 very slowly with "radeon"....Pleas AMD!


    Sorry for my Google translated English

    When is a reasonable Driver for Mobility 7500

    The free "radeon" driver in Linux is 3 times slower than Windows

    Windows + UT2004; 60-70 FPS
    Linux NEW Mesa 7.02 with new free "radeon" + UT2004; only 8-15 FPS!!! why?

    Pleas AMD/ATI, I was always treur customer and have only ati video cards....

    There is a lot of a laptop with as a video card, and so they would put many to peace .... I myself will not buy new laptop, n620c is really a super laptop!

    Thank you in advance for assistance.


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    You could try FGLRX driver for ati.
    I use it. 7.11 is the one i mean.

    I used this info:

    I would just download the script, press cntr+alt+f1 and get to the terminal. Then change it into a executable as root, then just run it. It did all the magic and I had the latest driver installed.

    sudo chmod +x ./
    sudo ./

    To get Xv working, just type

    sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv in a terminal and restart your system."
    Taken from and this forum.
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      I'm not 100% sure, but according to our web site we don't support the 7500 in the fglrx driver releases. We definitely funded the development of Linux drivers for the R100 generation but I think that code was used to jump-start open source development (I'm still learning the history).

      The "radeon" driver might be your best bet for now.

      Once we get the open source efforts for newer parts up to speed, including 3d, we are going to try to help the open source community continue to make driver improvements for the older parts as well.


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        Hi mal13,
        Do you also Mobility 7500?

        Hi bridgman,
        I have here in the forum and read your writing, I am very grateful to you for your efforts!

        Can you tell me more time when so much?

        With friendly greetings,