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  • "Ask ATI" dev thread

    If you guys come up with the questions, I will get the answers - Michael
    Post any questions that you have for ATI fglrx devs here...

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    how can you guarantee any ati dev will answer them?

    all i care about is : (not really to the devs)
    > when can we expect the rest of the docs?


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      What would be most interesting is "what are you working on for the next releases?", but they won't answer that.


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        What apps/tools/games do the devs use for testing regressions and speed? In particular, has there any testing of wine wrt the awful performance noted by wine devs
        More like your video drivers broken / misconfigured. ATi's craft known to by
        buggy beyond repair.

        Any likelihood of AVIVO support?
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          I wonder if there is any plans on having hotfixes in the future. For like bugs like soname and the memleak...


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            My only question to the developers:

            Are you aware of the existing memory leak in 8.41, 8.42 and seemingly fglrx 7.11?

            That's about it. Xv works fine for me, as does all the other features I use. I just want to know that they know about said (fatal) memory leak.


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              Besides other stupid issues with the driver: why are the FireGL ids removed when they could be patched back easyly? I think it should be the users choice which driver they want to use - even buggy ones. And another one: why not use lzma compression? I have sample scripts that can already repack any driver (with static decoder) and its size drops dramatically. Example:

              47667647 (100%)
              28335222 (59%)
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                Why do the KB numbers in the driver's release notes not directly link to the KB articles?

                Why is the card state (sometimes?) not reinitialized on reboot:
                1. related to the vesa framebuffer console bug, when I reboot (via ctrl+alt+del) sometimes the 'dead' state that caused me to need to reboot persists forcing another restart
                2. possibly's fault(?) upon reload of I see a garbled version of the previous state of the screen (ie, what was shown before the reboot), then it loads as normal. Contrasted with windows where that doesn't happen. This happens in versions of the driver with or without the vesa framebuffer issue.

                How does the driver team ascribe priority to what will be developed in each release?

                What code management do they use and are team members allowed to keep private branches in order to target specific issues (like new kernel or support)?

                Related to ZedDB's question:
                Are the devs regularly frustrated by having fixed issues but not being able to push them out to their users because of the dev cycle (or other restrictions) imposed by management?

                How much easier would development be if there were lower-end GPUs targeted specifically for linux (similar to the Intel GPU offerings)?


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                  Simple question:
                  do you know of this bug? or you think you have fixed it as you've written in the release notes of 8.37.6?

                  bug link:


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                    You just released the most useless driver update ever...
                    How does that make you feel?

                    Real/other question: Are you aware of the other MORE important bugs that need fixed like the memory leak?