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AMD Catalyst 7.11 Linux Driver

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    Just installed on Gusty. I am quite disappointed as well.

    All that matters to me is at least to have working suspend and resume mode - it won't.. This makes this driver completely useless on a laptop. I guess, even if they committed to the 2.6.23 kernel, the SLUB feature isn't even support on Gusty's 2.6.22.

    I'm heading back to the open radeon driver.


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      Originally posted by Dottout View Post
      save your hopes for radeonhd and open source world, amd will never provide anything good. how long have we been waiting? how can you still believe in a *better* tomorrow?

      well ive only had this laptop for 3 months now so I can wait some more ;p


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        I wonder about undocumented changes, so i'll try this out on my setup to see if it works, because version 8.42.3 had major issues with the detection of the screen frequency information.


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          Another sucky release..

          [fglrx:firegl_lock_free] *ERROR* lock was not held by 1! (*lock=0x80000004)
          [fglrx:firegl_unlock] *ERROR* firegl_lock_free failed!
          BUG: scheduling while atomic: X/0x00000002/4732
          Call Trace:
           [<ffffffff8121d4a2>] schedule+0xdd/0x69d
           [<ffffffff8102c6a3>] __wake_up+0x38/0x4e
           [<ffffffff88028541>] :fglrx:irqmgr_wrap_shutdown+0x101/0x170
           [<ffffffff8801c1e5>] :fglrx:firegl_takedown+0x65/0xc10
           [<ffffffff8801ba64>] :fglrx:firegl_release+0x104/0x150
           [<ffffffff810886c9>] __fput+0xa1/0x16e
           [<ffffffff81085e00>] filp_close+0x5d/0x65
           [<ffffffff81035a8d>] put_files_struct+0x66/0xc4
           [<ffffffff81036e03>] do_exit+0x2b5/0x84b
           [<ffffffff81037415>] sys_exit_group+0x0/0xe
           [<ffffffff8103ef19>] get_signal_to_deliver+0x422/0x451
           [<ffffffff8100b205>] do_notify_resume+0xa8/0x716
           [<ffffffff8103cd1e>] sigprocmask+0xbc/0xc3
           [<ffffffff8103f44e>] sys_rt_sigprocmask+0x50/0xcf
           [<ffffffff8100bda7>] sysret_signal+0x1c/0x27
           [<ffffffff8100c037>] ptregscall_common+0x67/0xb0
          [fglrx] PCIe has already been initialized. Reinitializing ...
          [fglrx] Reserve Block - 0 offset =  0X1000000 length = 0X5000
          [fglrx] Reserve Block - 1 offset =  0X0 length = 0X1000000
          [fglrx] Reserve Block - 2 offset =  0Xffff000 length = 0X1000
          [fglrx] Reserve Block - 3 offset =  0Xffbf000 length = 0X40000


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            Much improved

            Lots of flickering using Firefox with previous versions.

            All gone with this new one. Much improved, i would say.

            (This on Fedora 6, 64 bits. HD2600 video card.)


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              Installed the Catalyst 7.11 driver a couple hours ago using the graphical installer and a "from-minimalist up" ubuntu minimal with xorg/xfce4.

              Video overlay is Xv
              Single head setup.

              Video playback: good (480p and 720p res)
              Scrolling: good
              Display corruption? none
              DRI: Yes
              AIGLX: Yes (desktop effects/compiz not tested, nor do I intend to test it until...)
              GL: Memory leak. Drops about 30 MB per 5 seconds until I come very close to running out of memory (in which I kill gears)

              That's my take. From 8.42, I don't notice much different except I can do the graphical installer without a problem. Its completely usable for me with 2d only, so I'll keep it running.


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                wow, there are still ati linux users waiting for new fglrx. how strange ;-)

                i don't care one bit about fglrx anymore. thanks go to the opensource ati driver developers for providing much better opensource solution, despite all legal and documentation problems they encountered on the way.


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                  Do you even need a video card if all you need is 2D? Go get an onboard or S3 or something should make you happier as it also saves you a good fortune... Today, right after this driver is released, I sold my AIW X1900 and got a MSI-8600GT-OC. Guess what, I couldn't be happier now. Quake 4 runs @ max settings, 1680x1050 like charm, good AIGLX, good video (no tearings!), no memory leak, I can now work on GLSL with 3D desktop enabled at the same time. What can I ask for more man!


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                    Do you even need a video card if all you need is 2D?
                    but of course. i don't want any integrated sub-par video card to eat my system ram.

                    besides i play darkplaces on opensource drivers now and then.


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                      Onboard vga takes system ram, that's correct, but with current ram prices you could easyly add 1 or 2 gb ram, then a few mb are no problem usally. With dual channel ram the speed drop is so minimal that you would never feel it. For simple games Intel onboard for example would be really enough - but that D3/Q4 and those games would run fast you should not expect. It is of course fast enough for compiz. For your purpose you really don't need a dedicated gfx card...