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Radeon Driver To Support ATI R500/600

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  • Radeon Driver To Support ATI R500/600

    Phoronix: Radeon Driver To Support ATI R500/600

    While all of the open-source rage for the ATI R500 and R600 series has been about the official RadeonHD driver, it seems that the Radeon (as in xf86-video-ati) driver will support these new ATI GPU families as well. David Airlie has established an atombios-support branch in xf86-video-ati and a r500-support branch in DRM.

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      Well maybe I can sit on my idea of getting a Nvidia card
      for a while, perhaps there is a place for my ATI1300
      after all.


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        If you're using an R500 GPU, you can also check out r500-support from DRM.
        Please, sir, what exactly does this mean? I have an R580.


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          Originally posted by rbmorse View Post
          Please, sir, what exactly does this mean? I have an R580.

          You can use DRM R500 with an R580.
          Michael Larabel


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            I don't really get it, but isn't there supposed to be ONE driver for R500/R600 (radeonhd) ? So what are R500/600 users supposed to use?
            And what's the use of developing two seperate drivers?


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              I don't see this as developing a separate driver -- the radeon driver has been around for years. The really cool thing about porting / adding R5xx/6xx support to the "radeon" display driver is that it makes it makes it easy for developers to start working with the already-implemented 2d acceleration, 3d acceleration (mesa) and drm drivers.

              The changes from 4xx to 5xx/6xx had the biggest impact on the display driver, more so than 2d or 3d, although video support changed pretty radically as well. Using the existing 2d acceleration code makes a lot of sense because the 2d acceleration hardware hasn't changed much at all, but the *really* interesting stuff is on the 3d side :

              - when we release 3d sample code it will have to be merged into a 3d driver stack before anyone can run it (I already knew this but until I heard about the radeon progress I didn't know for sure where the 3d stack was going to come from).

              - since the RS690 uses a 4xx-derived 3d core the existing 3d stack already has more-or-less the right code to drive the 3d engine other than the lack of vertex shaders (this particular light bulb came on tonight when someone commented on airlied's blog)

              Finally, remember that all of this is open source code under a common license, so code can flow both ways. Most cool things are developed on separate branches and then picked up in the master when they are ready...
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                I would have nothing against better RV410 support as you see here:


                That's my ati card I use for testing. I do not own R500/600 at all, but even this old card does not work correctly.


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                  I'm no expert, Kano, but those screenshots in your bug report, man! Do they remind me of when I attempted to soft-mod my 9500 card into a 9700, the same effect. Back then it meant half the texture units in the 9500 were disabled/damaged, being it exactly the same die as the 9700, that meant my 9500 could only reliably use half the chip's TMUs.


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                    That's possible, because it is a X700 SE, a stripped down X700. Maybe It could be fixed easyly that way.