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Open Specs For ATI All-In-Wonder Cards?

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  • Open Specs For ATI All-In-Wonder Cards?

    Phoronix: Open Specs For ATI All-In-Wonder Cards?

    One of the questions that has come up since we reported that AMD is preparing for another GPU documentation release and that R100/200 specifications will be made available, is whether internal information on the All-In-Wonder graphics cards will be published. We have found out from AMD that publishing All-In-Wonder details are currently undecided and will be determined once they finish pumping out the rest of their GPU documentation. Their key reasons for this uncertainty comes down to the intellectual property on some of the parts belonging to other vendors and then video protection schemas.

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    Wow! great to see an "official" response.

    P.S. AMD/ATI: Please release at least some of the docs.