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Other Linux Things I Learned From AMD At GDC 2014

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    Originally posted by atmartens View Post
    If current trends continue, in nine years Nvidia will be out of the consumer PC market anyhow because they don't have an x86 processor to make an APU out of, and Intel and AMD will both have an APU that "just works" under Linux.
    On the other hand, their Tegra SOCs massively outperform any other GPU that's been squashed into an ARM chip. We've already had a couple of ARM Chromebooks and convertibles; it seems likely that these'll become more common, and Nvidia are well-placed to grab that pie.


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      Originally posted by DanL View Post
      I know that's a rhetorical question, but if it truly comes down to supporting open-source driver vs. trying to get a changelog out of some guy in Shanghai who doesn't speak great English, I vote for the open-source driver. Actually, the changelogs for non-beta releases are starting to look better if they only document Linux-specific fixes like you suggest. I still think fglrx/Catalyst's versioning scheme (both of them) is very confusing for users, especially those coming from Windows, and an "accidental release" (I think it was Catalyst 13-9?) shows that the devs might be just as confused...
      COme on, stop arguing. Someone writing/fixing a code - and doesnt write a changelog? Thats like saying that he/she does not comment the code - ever! How are the devs supposed to know what changed and what needs fixing? We already know AMD doesnt use an issue tracker - so how do bugs get tracked and fixed? Also, look at NVidia changelogs. Detailed and properly maintained. It takes max 3 hours to generate a changelog - since every commit should have a description of what changed. These kinds of excuses like "it takes engineering time" are just that - excuses.

      The bigger part of the story is that there probably is NO ONE doing fixes on the linux driver. The common fixes from the shared code gets recompiled and dished out without human intervention. This is one reason to not have a changelog.

      trying to get a changelog out of some guy in Shanghai who doesn't speak great English,
      A Chinese changelog would do as well - people here / the community can help translate that into english. This is no excuse to not write a changelog.

      This whole thing sounds like AMD just copies and pastes the driver with names like this: Driver_13.cpp, Driver_13_edit.cpp, Driver13_111edit.cpp, Driver13_new_edit_12.cpp ... instead of using an SCM. Thats because thats exactly how disorganized they sound when they say "we dont have time for changelogs". (Do they comment their code too?)


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        I must say, I'm more interested in the idea they have of making their drivers "more open". By making the open source drivers the main driver and the catalyst more of a closed source plugin for the open source drivers. I can see a lot of good to come from that on both sides.


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          Originally posted by xtachx View Post
          Come on, stop arguing. Someone writing/fixing a code - and doesnt write a changelog?
          Actually, if you read my earlier response, I think releasing without a changelog is total bullshit too, so stop arguing with me...
          In the last post, I was simply saying that I do no want AMD to use "we need changelogs for Catalyst" as an excuse to divert resources from open-source driver development.


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            Originally posted by bridgman View Post
            Given the way that open source gfx performance is catching up with Catalyst on your hardware (arguably better already for 2D and video), is the logic here that you would be punishing us for supporting you with open source drivers rather than closed source ?
            My Problem is not Open Source, my Problem is that i have many problems with both driver.
            I like AMD, because until now they don't do such a great shit like Intel or Nvidia, but the driver aren't great.

            My HD4670M burn a lot of battery time. Ok, perhaps it's a litte bit old.
            But with the A4-5300, fglrx and Ubuntu 12.04 i can't view the Full HD soccer gamess, because it seems to be complety overcharged.
            OK, i will test it with Ubuntu 14.04 with the new kernel again...
            But in Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 it's a pain to get sound via HDMI working...

            Open Source is good, free software is better.
            In my opinion your "Open Source Card" only works if everything is free software .
            If AMD really believe that Open Source Driver is the future, then everything should be OpenSource.
            I didn't think that the devision between fglrx and radeon is good. manpower manpower manpower
            Everytime this is the argument for something, but you run with the hare and hunt with the hounds...

            Support you is very difficult, when looking for an good business Laptop with good warranty support, good stabillity, AMD APU and no glossy display (preferred without buying an windows tax) is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
            Many people trust me for making a good choice, but when i didn't find an good AMD Laptop for them....

            On my own i am searching for a long time for a Notebook with good apu and good graphic card (switchable graphics) but i can't find...

            Originally posted by johnc View Post
            It's a judgment call of course. My judgment is that a majority of potential consumers -- gamers, mobile users, potential Steam Machine buyers -- would prefer the best driver possible above the driver being open source. And I think the current overall market choices bear this out (Windows, Apple, Android, etc.).

            I know that's not the best choice for fans of FOSS, but that's how I would be thinking if I was AMD. It's pretty clear that the #1 PC game distribution service is pushing Linux and OpenGL hard and has every interest in effecting a major upheaval in the PC game space. It's not obvious that FOSS provides a serious advantage in the minds of the average consumer.
            I think that OpenSource drive would be the better choice.
            If you have good open source drivers, the kernel developer could help you when they change something.

            If AMD would have good OpenSource drivers, developer would use AMD Graphic Cards and do program for example bumblebee....
            Or Valve for example could help for SteamOS...