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Can a Radeon HD 2 or 3 series runs TF2?

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  • Can a Radeon HD 2 or 3 series runs TF2?

    Just curious if anybody's been successful with the recent kernel/Mesa enhancements nowadays.

    I asked in the IRC channel but haven't been successful.

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      Maybe you could try?


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        If I had one of those cards sure, but I'm just curious if it'll even play with those cards before I get one.


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          Why would you get an HD2000 or HD3000 series GPU when they are obsolete? An HD7750 is only like $80 on Newegg and will run circles around the 2000/3000.


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            Maybe it's a really cheap refurb? If you are worried about open driver performance, then look for a HD4/5/6K card as those are probably the best supported cards right now.


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              this old laptop i have uses a HD3 and the opensource drivers suck for gaming, works ok for everything else tho.
              i can comfirm that the card itself can runs games and actualy quite well on windows with proper drivers


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                Avoid HD 3k (r600), there's a few fresh bugs open for those. HD 4k - 6k is ok.


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                  Thanks, sorry I should've said I'm extremely low on money and jobless currently.. still.. I can't afford a newer PC.

                  I was just wondering if the 2 or 3 series of HD Radeons were good enough for this dual core Athlon 64 X2 4200 with 3GB DDR2. From the benchmarks on the Radeon HD 4000 series of cards, I assumed the same thing for the older gen. cards.


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                    The main thing to watch out for is that you need a certain amount of GPU power to get decent performance... and as you move to older GPU families you need to go to relatively higher end GPUs to get roughly comparable power. Because of that, you might actually find the best price/performance deal with a somewhat newer (but lower end) card...

                    As an example, the HD2900, HD3850 and HD4670 all have roughly the same number of stream processors / ALUs, although the newer chips tend to have slightly higher clocks and so perform a bit better.

                    I haven't had a chance to play TF2 (or actually any games other than XMoto) recently so can't comment intelligently on how much GPU power you need, but if a couple of people can comment on their experiences with midrange cards we can probably give you a list of comparable GPUs then you can keep an eye out for deals on one of those... that's how a lot of equipment gets purchased.

                    Do you have a GPU in the PC right now, and if so what is it ? Other question, I guess, is AGP or PCIE -- that makes a difference in performance these days because some settings need to be cranked down on AGP to keep them working reliably.
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