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R600g Geometry Shaders Come For R600/R700

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    Originally posted by agd5f View Post
    Other vendors have chosen not to support similar features and they don't seem to get nearly the amount crap that AMD does. When Intel releases new GL features for newer asics hardly anyone makes a peep about not supporting it on older asics.
    It's quite obviously why: because nobody on Earth use Intel graphics for heavy games and 3D applications. It's can handle some games and some applications, but this hardware it's just slow and nobody except some miracle here.

    When someone buy $300-600 discrete graphics card expectation is that graphics card will support declared features. Again, I don't see any point to blame any AMD employee or open source developer in person, but company itself is cheated me and sold me product that doesn't work. And it's impossible to get refund just because Linux drivers are permanently broken.

    So obviously people will blame AMD for that and they have moral rights to do so.


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      Folks! Would you kindly compare these two webpages?

      (It gives me the nostalgia to see the red fields.)

      This is the free driver today:

      Check it out. Lots of green and much longer list, even new generations of hardware in there.

      I always considered it to be a lengthy way until the free driver was ready. Because it is actually a lot of work to build something from scratch. But it is a good one for a long time already and still getting better.

      If somebody is not satisfied with anything in terms of features or general development speed, you can
      a) use fglrx
      b) contribute to development (the specs are open)
      c) if you actually found a bug, write a bug report and try to include necessary info so the devs can do something about it
      d) or use nvidia and find things to complain about over there.

      In the beginning there was radeonHD which was in the early stage not much more than a VESA driver. Even scrolling was jerky and there was no PM. Today things are smooth, windows are wobbling, cubes are turning, we have dpm, and (if I find the time) I can even play games.
      Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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        Originally posted by agd5f View Post
        I don't really understand why there is so much rage directed at AMD. With the exception of open source UVD support for a couple of older asics (which there is still a good chance of getting released), the open source driver is pretty much feature complete for chips up through r7xx else once the GS patches land.
        I'm sure some that once the drivers are feature-complete, some people will start complaining their old cards aren't as featureful as new cards are. Do you mean and below r7xx would pretty much move into maintenance-mode and performance-tuning mode after those are done? *nice* That would leave like Evergreen, Northern Islands, Southern Islands, and Sea Islands drivers to catch up, right? (and starting point for several of these would be roundabout OpenGL3.1-OpenGL3.3 + UVD + DPM) I'm assuming the new UVD design guys are taking all that's been happening with legal and engineering review into account in making sure that reviewing future revisions would be a more lightweight process.
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          Michael, any chance you can do a new radeon vs r600g benchmark?
          It's been a while and both drivers seem to have come a long way.


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            No Idea AMD Open Drivers So Close To Feature Complete

            I didn't realize that the AMD open-source graphics drivers were that close to being feature complete. That is awesome! At the rate you guys are going it looks like you'll have everything done within two years, especially for older hardware.

            I wasn't trying to complain in my earlier post, it's just that videos online are the only thing that really causes my laptop graphics to stutter at all these days. I really wanted to know if there was anything us non-programmers could do to help speed up the development process.

            Thank you so much for all of your hard work!