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Catalyst or Radeon for my 6770?

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  • Catalyst or Radeon for my 6770?

    I've been having a heck of a time with graphics drivers and my 6770. I've bounced around from Catalyst to Radeon, back to Catalyst, then back to Radeon. I am more of a desktop Linux-user opposed to a programmer Linux power user so I haven't made any changes to my xorg file or the kernel. What I have found is this:

    + Plug and play; very reliable and stable
    + Little to no configuration
    + Plays pretty much all native Linux games without and issues at all
    + Plays some Windows games via Wine ok
    + Provides temperature feedback within plasmoid widgets
    + System correctly identifies both card and vendor

    - Little to no configuration (Doesn't appear to be a way to overclock the card)
    - Graphical artifacts that don't exist with the fglrx driver when playing Windows games via Wine
    - Performance is generally half to 3/4 of what fglrx provides

    + Catalyst Control Panel provides excellent configuration options via ui
    + Command-line configuration tool provides outstanding configuration options (including overclocking)
    + Performance is always better in games both native Linux and Wine

    - Installation is often error-prone
    - Some games simply don't work (especially true with games using Wine)
    - fglrx has a tendency to completely crash the computer when something goes wrong
    - No temperature feedback within plasmoid widgets
    - System (including CCP) doesn't correctly identify card (thinks I have a 5000 series card)

    So basically it seems like I have to choose between performance and stability. Generally when the Radeon drivers dump out, I can easily switch to a different screen and kill the process. When fglrx has an issue, that's it; game over, restart computer and try again. Sadly, the fglrx drivers play Windows games like Guild Wars 2 flawlessly whereas the Radeon driver has many graphical artifacts. Is my 6770 card causing any issues or are these just known issues with the drivers we have to work with?

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    Welcome to my life for the past 5 years until I bought an NVidia card. Catalyst is broken like that and was always broken. Additionally, distors are now switching to EGL, which catalyst doesnt bundle. So things will break left right and centre if you use a distro like fedora. The trick with catalyst is to install different versions of the kernel and figure out the stablest one, and then disable kernel / xorg updates. Thats how I used to deal with it. AMD doesnt care about catalyst :-( and that is the sad part of the story.


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      Have you reported that Guild Wars 2 bug? You know, nobody can fix it if they don't know it exists.


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        Originally posted by curaga View Post
        Have you reported that Guild Wars 2 bug? You know, nobody can fix it if they don't know it exists.
        I hadn't thought about it. I've submitted a few others but this struck me as perhaps something unsupported within the Radeon driver opposed to a problem with Wine.