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Radeon X1250 Supported By RadeonHD

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  • Radeon X1250 Supported By RadeonHD

    Phoronix: Radeon X1250 Supported By RadeonHD

    While only a minor change to add the ATI Radeon X1250 support, this GPU is now supported by the open-source RadeonHD driver. There's been inquiries in the forums and elsewhere about the X1250.

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    It would help to identify:

    a) What flavor of Linux are you using.
    b) how did you get the file?
    c) how did you install the file?

    I for one gave up on trying to "git" the driver using an Ubuntu desktop for my Ubuntu 7.10 server earlier this month. To also note, I am using x86_64 and not 32 bit.
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      This is not a newsworthy subject, as this is just an awkward board id, not a chip id Should've been named HP/Compaq <whatever> (need to dig out that laptop) instead.

      Egbert implemented most of rs690 a few weeks ago. We're still blocked on some things: lack of dvi hw, lack of i2c documentation (not that this stopped egbert when implementing ddc).

      Actually, X1250 is rather dubious. Nobody knows which chip family this actually is supposed to be. Some are R4xx, some are R5xx, you don't know which is which from marketing or manuals until you see the actual pciids.
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        I just bought a Radeon X1050. Is that supported? Is there a list somewhere telling which cards are supported? Will the <a href="">RadeonHD yum repository</a> add support for Fedora 8 sometime soon?

        Thank you.


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          Originally posted by CrystalCowboy View Post
          I just bought a Radeon X1050. Is that supported?
          doesn't look like an rs690.


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            The "radeon" driver recognizes my X1050 as:

            (--) PCI: (1:0:1) ATI Technologies Inc RV370 secondary [Sapphire X550 Silent] rev 0, Mem @ 0xfdde0000/16

            I am able to run with that driver. I haven't got dual monitors to work yet, otherwise things are OK.