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ATI's New Drivers: Did The Paradise Come?

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    the driver works on HD2600 with AIXGL.

    But the behaviour i can only describe as that, nothing more ..

    I am runing Gnome with compiz now and that is what i am experiencing atm:

    1. Flickering of glxgears during rotation of cube and it does stay in place (does not rotate during rotation process)
    2. Freaky flickering of movies.
    3. Enourmous CPU consumption during compiz effect (minimalizing, scaling, cube rotating)
    4. FPS drop down dramaticly during some of destop effect.
    5. Internet browsers are choking incredibly.
    6. Sometimes Gnome/KDE does start with black screen instead of login sreeen
    7. Random X crashes during video playback.

    For me it is just a joke not a driver...


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      ive ran 8.42.3 a two seperate occasions on my mobility X1600 thing and this is what ive found:

      benchmarks are pretty much the same in either aiglx, xgl, compiz, no compiz, glxgears, from either 8.40 or 8.42. However visible performance is choppier in compiz under 8.42's AIGLX. But the worse problem is no doubt video playback, which is just unwatchable.

      It felt nice to run compiz without XGL for a change though; very nice !

      I think theyre on the right track.. Memory leaks and all that stuff are something to be worried about because it seems to stem from a lack of interest on the part of the developers, but aside from that you cant argue that its come a long way since two months.

      Look at it that way: How many people wouldve believed you back in August had you said you'd be running an AIGLX enabled fglrx driver before year's end?..

      I hope 8.43 is nothing more than bugfixes, if only to stop the crazy, bipolar, yoyo swing of high hopes and bitter disapoinments that all this AIGLX, fglrx 8.41 driver created in the first place. Theyre just drivers people and this one's only a month old!..


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        gief new driver so we can start whining on new bugs