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ATI Open vs. Closed-Source Drivers

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  • ATI Open vs. Closed-Source Drivers

    Phoronix: ATI Open vs. Closed-Source Drivers

    This past Friday we had delivered benchmarks comparing the performance of the open-source Radeon driver against the new closed-source fglrx driver from AMD. These benchmarks had just looked at the AIGLX performance when using Compiz on an Ubuntu 7.10 desktop. In all of the benchmarks except one, the fglrx driver had carried a staggering lead over the open-source competition. In addition to these Compiz benchmarks, on the same system we had also ran some additional benchmarks to see for gaming and 2D rendering how the two ATI Linux drivers compare.

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    I don't know about other Phoronix users but personally although I check the feed every day, I just can't keep up with developments of drivers for ATi cards.

    Could Phoronix please do a matrix that helps us keep track? Something like this would be great:

    Driver | Stable Version | Dev Version | Developer | Update Freq | DistroA Version | DistroB Version etc

    Official | 8.42.3 | ? | ATi | Monthly* | ? | ?


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      i would expect that fglrx would be a large % faster as it was first party created, with all the documentation needed.

      our r300-r400 drivers are reverse engineered so to have 3d at all is a miricle all on it self.