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13-Way AMD Open Linux GPU Drivers On The Source Engine

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    Set SwapbuffersWait off in your xorg.conf.

    Section "Device"
        Identifier "Radeon"
        Driver "radeon"
        Option "SwapbuffersWait" "off"


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      Originally posted by Panix View Post
      Is that what you are considering buying? I'm looking at those, too, but also the 6770 and 6850. Would you or anyone else recommend any of those cards?

      It still is unbelievable to me that the 7xxx cards are still not functional enough. I prefer a single slot card or at least, not one of the oversized cards (see 6870). It won't fit in my case, unfortunately.

      The problem, too, is that the 6770 cards are still expensive and 6850, one has to buy used.
      I don't get you guys that want an impossibility: Silent, Single Slot and Performance. Just go with a midrange card with a dual slot cooler, it'll run much quieter and will increase your case ventilation instead of dumping all of it's heat into the case increasing the temperature of everything else.

      The midrange HIS IceQ cooler equipped models are about as quiet as you're going to get without going with the after market coolers for the high end cards that fit 3x 80-120mm fans.


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        Originally posted by stqn View Post
        Yeah, I?ve been disapointed by the performance of the 5450 and 6450 in the benchmarks. They are interesting because they are the only low-power, silent, low profile and single slot Radeon cards, but their performance in 1080p makes them almost useless based on the benchmarks I?ve seen on Phoronix.

        Which is why I?ve turned my attention to the 6670 and 7750, even though the single-slot ones are not fanless?
        Damn 1 min edit limit...

        Theres no point in getting the *450 series, the top end APU GPUs are much faster, they exist only for those that need to add an extra monitor or have bought a system with no onboard GPU and don't care at all about performance.

        If you require a small system with a half decent GPU for whatever reason then just get an ITX system built around the A10-6800K or i5 4570R for Radeon HD8670D or Iris Pro 5200 goodness with the option to add a PCIe GPU later.


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          Originally posted by Kivada View Post
          (?) or Iris Pro 5200 goodness with the option to add a PCIe GPU later.
          This is exactly what I did, but 3 years ago with a 1st gen Core i3. I hadn?t anticipated that almost all graphics cards would require 2 slots and my case only has room for one. It might be a good moment to replace my Antec ISK310-150 with something slightly bigger, less noisy and with room for a proper PSU and graphic card though?