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Future of XVBA and Catalyst in General

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  • Future of XVBA and Catalyst in General

    now that OSS driver has full VDPAU support via UVD, amazing DPM, and terrific desktop compliance, is Catalyst for Linux going to be restricted only for Gaming Enthusiasts and OpenCL on Buntu based environments with most of normal desktop linux users being very happy with OSS drivers.

    hw video decode via XVBA is broken/incomplete and has not been updated since years now.

    I can recollect only handful of major software which support XVBA via VAAPI - Mplayer, XBMC (officially dead now), VLC ( too high CPU usage with VAAPI ) and gstreamer-vaapi (never worked well to begin with??). Xvba-vaapi driver has not been updated even once in about 2 years (0.7.8 haha)

    what is the future direction for Catalyst? if opencl completely lands in OSS driver , I guess none will even remember catalyst