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  • OpenCL?

    What is the current state of OpenCL with OSS RadeonSI ?

    Can bitcoin or altcoins can be mined at the same or similar speed than with fglrx?
    And if so, can the cards be reclocked? (I need a specific overclock to have a GPU/mem ratio of 0.57)

    I'm getting sick with fglrx, still stuck with 13.1... They still work on 3.12 kernel but I don't know if it will continue to work with patchs for a long time...

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    OpenCL support is not yet in a good state - expect a big performance difference from fglrx and as far as I know it's only to the point of running bfgminer on bitcoin (and you can run some opencl test cases). Nothing much else works yet, including scrypt/litecoin mining. I believe there is some missing support for memory access modes that are required by nearly everything.

    I'm not sure what state SI is in, but northern islands should at least work for bfgminer/bitcoin, but if you can run fglrx without crashes it is probably your best option at this point.