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    My new computer (which is due soon, probably a christmas present to myself...) will have a 8800GT, although this chip isn't supported by the official nvidia drivers yet. Why you ask? Well because i tend to believe official Nvidia-announcements (and it was announced that support will come this week...) more than i believe the official ATI/AMD statements. As was said before ATI/AMD more or less wrecked their credibility during the last 3 years (that's my personal opinion keep that in mind maybe others experienced something different during that period of time...). I have to admit that it got better with the 8.42 driver but it's still FAR from being acceptable or even good. I'm glad i can finally run compiz but as the performance is well lets say decent it's more or less unusable (i think the reasons for that matter have been discussed a hundred times here so i won't mention them again...) To sum up, when somebody asks me what vid card he/she should buy (i'm the comp guru and thus quite alot of ppl ask me comp stuff...) the first thing i do is ask if they plan to use linux in the future and if they do, i tell them to go for nvidia because it's less PITA than ati (at the moment this might change in the future...).