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RadeonSI / GLAMOR Support Still M.I.A. From Ubuntu 13.10

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    Originally posted by CalcProgrammer1 View Post
    The discrete GPU has no outputs from my understanding, it is a muxless system and all the outputs on the laptop (LVDS for internal panel, VGA on the side, and HDMI on the side) are all connected to the APU's graphics processor.
    Okay. The point I was trying to make was that (even in the case of muxless), the outputs could be attached to either one. But it sounds like in your case that the discrete is indeed simply reserved as a render source.

    Therefore I expect it should not be tied to a Screen and rather just be an offload provider for rendering.
    well, the abstraction of the adapter to a Screen is not lost even in your config's case, but obviously the discussion is not really applicable either, as the adapter is simply an offload render source.

    Is there any way to list if Mesa has been built with radeonsi support? I'm pretty sure it has looking at the build scripts which appear to include radeonsi for amd64 platforms but I'd like to know if my binaries have it built in.
    see post above


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      [email protected]:~# ls /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/     
      It looks like radeonsi support is enabled. I reinstalled all my packages relating to mesa/xorg to the Ubuntu 13.10 defaults and it appears glamor is enabled after all.

      As for the connector mapping the laptop only has three video outputs (LVDS for LCD, VGA, and HDMI). Looking at the xorg log:

      [ 10291.566] (II) RADEON(0): Output LVDS has no monitor section
      [ 10291.735] (II) RADEON(0): Output VGA-0 has no monitor section
      [ 10291.737] (II) RADEON(0): Output HDMI-0 has no monitor section
      [ 10291.777] (II) RADEON(0): EDID for output LVDS
      [ 10291.947] (II) RADEON(0): EDID for output VGA-0
      [ 10291.949] (II) RADEON(0): EDID for output HDMI-0
      [ 10291.949] (II) RADEON(0): Output LVDS connected
      [ 10291.949] (II) RADEON(0): Output VGA-0 disconnected
      [ 10291.949] (II) RADEON(0): Output HDMI-0 disconnected
      It is apparent that all the physical outputs are on the APU. Of course some laptops are likely different, so yeah, it's a good thing to keep in mind.
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        New issue! I just installed Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 on my desktop since I was happy with the performance out of my laptop's r600 card. Desktop has two 5870's for Crossfire on Windows but of course I only use one in Linux. It was working well in Debian but glamor isn't in Debian yet so I switched. Well...I have an odd problem that I had before on my laptop. In GNOME Shell, all the UI elements look fine, animations smooth, etc so it's definitely rendering, but all the window contents are just completely garbled. Interestingly, I had the same problem on my laptop - and when I had the problem DRI_PRIME=1 appeared to be working and didn't crash. I even got a glitchy glxgears output from it. I couldn't see the commands I typed though due to the corruption. The Xorg logs from that time showed both cards initializing - 7660G with r600 and 7730M with radeonsi, but since the display was corrupted, I didn't save any of those logs and went to update my packages. Updating packages fixed the corruption but broke DRI PRIME and made the 7730M not initialize.

        Now what's interesting is my desktop having the same problem but it has no radeonsi card at all! Both 5870's appear to be initializing properly in the Xorg log. I wonder if the corruption is somehow related to the existence of two cards with only one card connected to displays? On my desktop I have three displays (all 1080P) connected to the one 5870 and the other has no displays connected. I unplugged two displays and restarted X but to no avail, the same corruption happens on one exactly as it happened on three. I'll look into it more tomorrow - maybe try removing one of the 5870's and see if it is truly related to having two GPU's. Also I'll try plugging monitors into both cards at once. This is on a fresh-out-of-the-box Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 install as well, the only thing I did so far was dist-upgrade to get the latest packages and install SSH. I used my same xorg.conf.d files to enable glamor as I used on my laptop (which I also used on my server - an A8-3870K APU/6550D integrated GPU single-GPU machine which works fine).


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          Ok, it is definitely related to having two GPU's. I took my second 5870 card out of my desktop and booted it up on just the one. Graphics are looking just fine. Booting it exactly the same way with the second 5870 installed (no monitors connected to it) causes the window corruption. This is using up-to-date Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, both with stock kernel and 3.12-rc5 kernel from Ubuntu's kernel PPA. I suspect this might be the same issue my laptop was having, it may have actually been using the 7730M just fine but experiencing a different bug related to having two GPU's installed. I'm going to reinstall the second 5870 now and plug a monitor into it to see if the problem occurs with two cards that both have monitors connected.

          Ok, now I have both cards installed with one monitor connected to each. The primary card is the only one displaying and its graphics are corrupted again, actually a bit worse than before as some GNOME UI elements are jumping around when refreshed and the cursor is gone. The second monitor turned on during the boot process but is sitting at a blank screen. Xorg.0.log shows glamor initialized successfully on both GPU's as does the r600 driver so both cards are operational.

          Here is an example of what the corruption looks like:

          Anyone else on Ubuntu able to test with two Radeon GPU's? If this does explain why my laptop was experiencing corruption, it's even weirder that it's now failing to initialize one card and "fixing" the corruption. I think I'll try reinstalling the entire mesa/xorg stack on my laptop to make absolutely sure I'm on the Ubuntu packaged versions as I'm sure that's what my desktop is using.


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            omfg....this is driving me insane.

            I just reinstalled Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 on my laptop to see if what's happening on my desktop works on my laptop. I'm at my wit's end here. With 100% certainty I'm using the official Ubuntu repos now I updated to the latest versions of everything on my laptop only to find X crashing every time I start gdm. The xorg log shows both GPU's initializing successfully, but the 7660G uses exa while the 7730M uses glamor. Somehow all this results in X segfaulting with a curious error about unknown chip ID for the 7660G. If I put in my xorg.conf.d to force AccelMethod to glamor, I'm back at square one. The 7660G initializes with glamor and the 7730M fails to create an EGL context. I've taken the matter to Ubuntu Forums here: and posted xorg logs from both without forcing glamor and with forcing it. Am I the only one who's encountered this bug? Is my configuration that esoteric that it hasn't been caught by Ubuntu's team?


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              I don't know it the ubuntu team can much for you. It's probably not a packaging issue.

              The bugs should be reported to the Glamor team and the xf86-video-ati team.

              It's strange that Glamor manage to initialize on one card, but not on the two cards at the same time.

              Is the corruption only when you use Prime, or with the main card? Could you show how should the image look like?


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                Originally posted by CalcProgrammer1 View Post
                omfg....this is driving me insane.
                Am I the only one who's encountered this bug? Is my configuration that esoteric that it hasn't been caught by Ubuntu's team?
                Same for me: Brand new notebook with dual AMD GPU (HD8330+HD8550M) which are ideintified by KABINI(HD83330) and HAINAN (HD8550M)
                I don't know which is the trick, but I can only use HD8330 with a custom xorg.conf: with no xorg.conf I have a segmentation fault in xserver (like yours).


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                  Originally posted by mannerov View Post
                  Is the corruption only when you use Prime, or with the main card? Could you show how should the image look like?
                  The corruption happens as long as both GPUs are connected. I did not enable PRIME (using xrandr --setprovideroffloadsink) at all. I posted a picture of the corruption on my Ubuntu forums thread.


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                    Originally posted by CalcProgrammer1 View Post
                    omfg....this is driving me insane.
                    That may be so, but you did some good leg work to flush out an issue or two. Definitely submit a bug report ... glamor, ati, or mesa (pretty much any one of those would be applicable).


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                      Sounds good, I'll put in a bug report tonight, might put in two - one for the laptop's glamor issue and one for desktop's corruption issue.