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Radeon HD 7xxx Performance is Depressing With Wine...?

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    Originally posted by Espionage724 View Post
    Does that command work on non-SI chips (specifically, my NI chips in my laptop)?
    (as already noted) yes, just make sure you are using/have in place the necessary requisites (kernel, firmware ....)

    I believe I tried it, and felt slightly better performance, but still lower than that of fglrx by a good bit.
    Even with the SI's clocks issue set aside, the catalyst/fglrx stack is currently going to have much better OpenGL performance then the radeonsi driver.

    As for the NI parts in your laptop -- along with using DPM (which will alleviate core meltdowns and any clocking issues (if they were affected; they might or might not have been), the r600g sb shader optimization will greatly improve performance in a number of apps, bringing it close to (and in some instances, better than) that of catylst/fglrx's. As they say, mileage will vary, and, in particular, I have no idea how effective it will be with your situation (GW2 under Wine). The sb backend is enabled by default in Mesa 9.3 (i.e. current git). If you're using a 9.2 build of Mesa, while it would have been built with support for the sb, it would not be enabled by default, so you will have to enable it yourself via the ENV Var (R600_DEBUG=sb).
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