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PowerColor HD6670 1GB and screens artifacts

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  • PowerColor HD6670 1GB and screens artifacts


    I have problems with my PowerColor HD6670 card and open source drivers. I tested my card with Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, Linux Mint and in last days with Ubuntu 13.10 but everytime I have the same problems - screens artifacts and randomly kernel panic crash. On my screen I see many small coloured lines in random places (background of desktop is visible) and after few seconds (sometimes after some minutes) my PC crash - kernel panic. My platform is following:
    MSI K9A2 Platinum + AMD Phenom X3 710 + HD6670
    I use dvi connector. Other cards eg. HD2600 PRO, HD3850, HD4850 on some other works without problems with open source drivers. My HD6670 works without problems when I use VESA or Catalyst (on both Linux and Windows platforms) thats why something is wrong with open source driver. Did you see similar issues on your cards? How can I help to fix this issue?


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    "radeon.dpm=1" fixed my problem. It looks like something was wrong in old power management code, however current dpm code works great.