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TV underscan issue.

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  • TV underscan issue.

    I'm posting to ask if anyone has a possible solution for a problem I'm having with underscan issues. I've been searching far and wide, and so far nothing has presented itself.

    I'm currently running XBMC on an Arch Linux install. The graphics card is a Radeon x600, which I appreciate is a bit of an antique but it's perfectly sufficient for my needs. The driver is 1:7.1.0-3.

    I'm running composite video from the 7 pin mini DIN on the x600 to a CRT TV.

    Xrandr --props doesn't show any properties other than the TV standard and forcing detection, so I can't use "--set underscan off" (it doesn't work at all). I imagine this is due to the age of the card?

    Is there any Xorg.conf properties I can use to enable overscan or at least reduce the severity of the underscan?

    Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!