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ATI Radeon 6.7.195 Driver Release

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  • ATI Radeon 6.7.195 Driver Release

    Phoronix: ATI Radeon 6.7.195 Driver Release

    Alex Deucher has pushed out another release candidate for the xf86-video-ati driver designed for the pre-R500 ATI Radeon GPUs (not to be confused with RadeonHD). In total there are 29 changes for the xf86-video-ati 6.7.195 release candidate -- 19 of them are targeted for the Radeon driver, 9 for the Mach64, and one being for the rc410.

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    they are tagging new releases like crazy these days. i bet 6.7 is just around the corner.


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      The latest radeon drivers have been giving me garbled displays after the display is turned off with the lid switch or if it goes into hibernate/sleep.

      Basically the screen looks as if every 2-3 vertical lines of pixels are swapped with the next line giving some wacky effect.
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        Radeon 6.7.195

        I tried to run xvidtune but it can't apply any setting. Modeline in xorg.conf doesn't work.

        However i.e. xmame and opengl are much better than 6.7.192. I get 53/53 fps with 6.7.195 and 36/53 with 6.7.192!
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