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Digging Deeper Into AMD's UVD Code Drop

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  • To anybody interested:

    I pushed the UVD userspace patches to mesa master today. Matching kernel patches can be found here:



    • Originally posted by brosis View Post
      Excuse me, gentlemen, for slight hijacking into the topic. This is real-world use case.
      I am looking for a good used notebook, preferably IBM. So I found "as new" T60. It has Intel chip, so I hope for good stable open intel graphics.

      One of them is T60p - p="professional" meaning more advanced graphics. Then I see - "Ati FireGL5200". I decided to ignore it, because I know - its crap.
      But still, I googled a bit. Confirmation: "Welcome to a world of pain."

      "Performance" my ***...

      Another 200$ going into Intel for good opensource blob-free working driver.
      Have a nice conversation, excuse me for interruption.
      Hey, thank you for the trolling!

      We really appreciate it! You can be proud of yourself dude!!!


      • Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
        To be fair, that post you found is from 2.5 years ago, and the OSS drivers have improved immensely in the time sense then.

        I would still probably recommend sticking with Intel in any laptop you buy, but I don't think you can really draw many, if any conclusions about the current driver based on what it was like 3 years ago.
        Well... I ended purchasing 17" notebook with AMD Mobility X1900+core2duo, that poped out of the sudden.

        Mostly because it has better 3D and one of the hackers has managed to edit the fan control directly, so the system can at least be cooled off efficiently.

        So without opensource driver and community, amd had had no chance by me.

        I will look up how well it performs. I can sell the system and migrate to all-Intel quite quickly actually if it does not work out.

        Lets see how it turns.