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AMD Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3 Available For Linux Users

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  • AMD Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3 Available For Linux Users

    Phoronix: AMD Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3 Available For Linux Users

    It was just one week ago that AMD released the Catalyst 13.3 Beta 2 driver while now it has been succeeded by Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3...

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    fixes for Valve Source Engine games like Serious Sam 3, Team Fortress 2,
    Correction: Serious Sam 3 is not a Valve game, nor does it use the Source engine. The game is developed by Croteam and uses their in-house engine.
    Team Fortress 2 is from Valve and does use the source engine.


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      For a pleasant change of events, this beta update is accompanied by a public change-log.
      Someone get Satan a winter coat...


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        Does anyone know if laptop backlight adjustment, that was broken in previous betas, is fixed now?


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          Linux 3.7 & 3.8 now supported - what does it take to support a new Linux kernel? I mean Linux is backwards compatible, what's the deal exactly?


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            Wow, it's great to see they provide some kind of change log.

            What I don't get is the "Open Issues" list.
            How should it be interpreted?
            Are those the most graving issues?
            Are those all "open issues" AMD acknowledges?
            Take a look at and you'll find *cough* way more than five open issues.


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              As i packaged several amd fglrx beta releases with Debian kernel 3.7/3.8 patches i can say what happened was a 1:1 integration of those. Amd did not need to do much, those have been provided by the community. Now to Serious Sam 3, there is absolutely no working fix, the lastest public beta from SS3 shows the menu correct, but the first logo is with artefacts. When you don't use gfxRestart() while the menu is shown (or via pressing Alt+Enter twice) then serveral textures like trees flicker in the level you start then. Also the OpenGL performace in Linux is very bad, on Win OpenGL is faster - at least using Killing Floor. SS3 with my HD 5670 is more or less unplayable when there are lots of enemies shown. If AMD wants to provide the GPU for a steambox then they should begin working on OpenGL much harder than they did before. Users with slower CPUs have got even more problems, then even Source engine games are unplayable, with slower i mean Phenom X4/X6 and FX. i7 seems to have got more power to run Source engine better. KF with every possible renderer on 3 gfx solutions tested including fglrx 13.3 beta 3:

              I recorded some simple demos (could add others or replace em if needed) and made a little script to select em. It always uses the default res (can only parse 1 monitor) and writes that into the default config. In the comments you see what to change if you want to use your standard settings instead. I used 1 level with nvidia rendering bugs, 1 normal speed one, 2 with speed problems.

              If i would use the performance mode with my cpu i could gain 2 fps, but thats pointless - maybe with slower systems you gain more. I don't understandt at all why the OpenGL performance is better on Win than on Linux. Amd (and Nvidia too!) should really profile the driver to find the cause of this difference. Intel has a max. difference of 25% for OpenGL, D3D(9) with KF is extra slow, Intel Win driver devs could do some profiling as well
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                Compared to 13.2, this release makes HoN crash on a regular basis. Never in-game, but when switching from the match making queue to loading the new match.


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                  they put out a Nice.


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                    Originally posted by mark45 View Post
                    Linux 3.7 & 3.8 now supported - what does it take to support a new Linux kernel? I mean Linux is backwards compatible, what's the deal exactly?
                    No it isn't. Not the driver API anyway. It changes every time a developer's ass itches.