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A Few More Games Now Work With "RadeonSI" Driver

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  • A Few More Games Now Work With "RadeonSI" Driver

    Phoronix: A Few More Games Now Work With "RadeonSI" Driver

    Continued work by AMD is flowing into the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver for supporting the Radeon HD 7000 (and future HD 8000) series graphics cards with an open-source driver...

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    xorg still at 1.12

    I am greatly looking forward to the day that I can use my 7750 in accelerated mode, but I am not willing to recompile xorg to 1.12.

    Hopefully glamor will be ported to recent xorg someday, and will be available in rawhide shortly after...


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      With the latest git of mesa/llvm/drm/linux, I can now run Lightsmark (25 fps average) and Torchlight.
      Rochard is still just a blank screen, but it seems there are a lot of reports about this with other drivers.
      Trine now fails due to lack of S3TC.

      I agree that getting the glamor driver running is a significant barrier right now.