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Any news on ATI fglrx 8.42?

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    Hi, found this thread while looking for information on 8.42. Good to hear that the next driver will have AIGLX support!

    I realise that due to NDAs that this question probably can't be answered, but...
    Are ATI aware of the recent kernel change from SLAB->SLUB (I believe it has something to do with page allocation). While the current drivers work with this change for the most part, it does break suspend/hibernate with the drivers. There's a bug on Ubuntu LaunchPad regarding this.


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      Originally posted by heruan View Post
      Why AMD/ATI never announces release dates for its drivers?
      Because AMD believes in the Duke Nukem Forever-release plan.


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        I'd rather get a late WORKING release than a timed worthless release.

        Since I will be on vacation for three weeks (probably before 8.42's release), when I come back I hope I will have Ubuntu 7.10 + working FGLRX with AIGLX, so everything will be ok! =)

        I haven't tried 8.41 because I have R300 hardware (Mobility X700). I chose to wait for 8.42's full support for my hardware and for AIGLX (if they can keep their promise).

        Even though I'm still disappointed that they took so long to do something, I feel like they are at least going somewhere now. At least they are trying...

        Good luck to all of us!


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          R300 is no problem for 8.41.7, just not all features are working and for wine you need an update. Major games should work with it.


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            Good to know... But I don't have much free time right now. When I get back from my vacation I'll update my Ubuntu to 7.10 (I'm still on 6.10) and get fglrx 8.42.

            Should bring some nice improvements overall, and hopefully AIGLX!


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              Well the windows driver just got released


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                Originally posted by Nicolas View Post
                I haven't tried 8.41 because I have R300 hardware (Mobility X700).
                Hey, the Mobility X700 is not a R300-class card, it's a proud R410 (a scaled down X800's R420)

                Look at:

                By the way, I also have a Mobility X700 and the 8.41.7 driver wasn't stable at all on my Ubuntu 7.04 + fglrx + XGL + Compiz.

                Now I'm looking forward to Ubuntu 7.10 + fglrx + AIXGL + Compiz Fusion

                -- Andr?s


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                  Originally posted by Raven3x7 View Post
                  Well the windows driver just got released
                  (october 11)

                  Do you think that we will have the new driver Monday (october 14)? To drver of september had go out 2 days after the Windows driver.


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                    The standard ati xserver seems to be more buggy with ubuntu than in debian for my X700 SE (which does not like a ati -> fglrx change without reboot or between some different fglrx drivers), compiz does not work with it - but compiz starts usally by default for this driver with ubuntu 7.10. The enabled features are however absolutely minimal in default settings so you would not even "see" that it runs - cube is disabled. For this card a new fglrx driver with AIGLX support might be a better choice. Let's see when it is done... I already gave Septor some patches for more generic X org detection to be used in U/D build scripts, lets see if they are included...
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                      New Windows drivers yesterday, im guessing that linux and windows drivers will no longer be released on the same date?