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AMD Is Indeed Losing More Linux Developers

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    IMO AMD needs to just ditch their CPU market entirely - while i think they could make the arm-x86 hybrid work, it probably won't be worth the effort. Or they need to join with ARM and ditch their x86 efforts but combine their ideas with x86 and implement it into ARM. in that situation they could probably make the best ARM based CPU out there.
    With Intel dual cores already costing 200-300$, what do you think would happen with no competition?


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      Originally posted by curaga View Post
      With Intel dual cores already costing 200-300$, what do you think would happen with no competition?
      Dual-core Ivy Bridge CPU are less than $150. And even those come with HT. Or maybe you were talking about laptop parts?

      As far as AMD is concerned, it's pretty clear they had to make some cuts. I'm assuming the linux desktop CPU division wasn't making them a lot of money, but still, you'd need the same work on server CPUs as well and the linux community is pretty much acting as a free QA department.


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        Originally posted by boast View Post
        Everyone on here supports Intel.

        Intel has done enough legally and morally questionable stuff.

        Originally posted by boast View Post
        AMD will get no sympathy
        I wish AMD would have really competitive mobile cpus or apus. My new notebook and I still don't dare to use kwin opengl compositing because it might freeze X or hang the GPU. I still have graphical corruption on the screen sometimes.

        Said new notebook also has a HD 7970M and I really hope the open source driver will soon enough support it.


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          Originally posted by necro-lover View Post
          they just drop anything INTEL-86_86 like because they go with ARM-64bit in the future

          there new opterons in 2014 will be 32-64core ARM 64bit system with APU (Radeon hd8000) technique.

          Intel just deserve this. then all linux people go with MIPS or ARM and intel get there "monopole" for anything else.


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            If AMD is indeed trying to break into the ARM based microserver market, then it will need some serious Linux engineers.

            Unless AMD expects to sell Windows on ARM microservers.


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              Is there any chance we'll see arm desktop chips from amd??

              And yes the market needs more competition.


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                AMD is a sinking ship on linux it looks like. Their proprietary driver is always dropping support for fairly recent hardware and calling it "legacy", and they are laying off developers for the OSS stuff.

                Intel if you want integrated graphics, nvidia if you need a dedicated card. Its a shame, I had hopes for AMD on linux when they started to release documentation.
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                  ARM CPUs without Linux support?

                  what next? CPUs without ALU?

                  The stupidity of suits is simply staggering


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                    AMD is sinking

                    Yeah if you could just donate a couple billion dollars to AMD

                    -- Lumbergh --

                    That'd be great.


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                      I've been hearing that Microsoft is about to do a massive restructuring, off laying 1000's of workers.

                      I can understand why they would downsize as the market of selling operating systems is a questionable one, especially when the likes of Linux groups and Apple are offering equivalent products and free to consumers. Then you have Google about to play into the desktop home/soho/business markets.

                      Microsoft share price has been on the decline so any lowering of salaries would have to be a benefit to their portfolio in these hard times. The Surface and Win8 Phones are poor sellers too.

                      Regarding AMD, it's like a dog chewing on its own feet. They need Linux support to give themselves scope, else they risk being cast into the Microsoft market. They are supposed to be endeavouring in to the blossoming ARM server market too which also needs Linux proficiencies.