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48 Hours To Open-Source R500 & R600 Driver

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  • 48 Hours To Open-Source R500 & R600 Driver

    We're now down to about 48 hours left until the new open-source R500/600 Radeon X1000 / HD 2000 driver will be introduced at XDS 2007, if all goes according to plan.

    There'll be more articles going up on Monday and in the following days about the driver itself.
    Michael Larabel

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    This is very intriguing indeed. Who knows, maybe by the time Fedora 9 (April) or Ubuntu 8.04 are released, they'll ship with the new driver? I certainly hope so, alas 7 months is a rather short time for driver development, implementation and tweaking, not to mention merging other code into the code base.


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      With the help from AMD, Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9 should have the driver included.


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        I was thinking more of the time frame and the fact that (for example) Red Hat as allocated personnel to work on the drivers. And given the fact that these releases are still ~7 months off, that might just give enough time to (why not?) even think of having basic 3D support in the driver by then.