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Radeon Power Management Still An Incomplete Mess

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  • Radeon Power Management Still An Incomplete Mess

    Phoronix: Radeon Power Management Still An Incomplete Mess

    When talking about the state of open-source Radeon driver features last weekend, one of the areas to first be criticized within the forums was the improper power management of the open-source AMD Linux graphics driver...

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    I wonder if Valve recent actions will allow a chance for another graphics manufacturer to surface... or for Intel to come with really adequate dedicated graphics solution. I tip Valve linux-based console will be intel-based.


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
      Am i supposed to read this as "We reviewd the code and we can't release it" ???
      Correct. Still working on it though.
      Bridgman, any news on UVD side?


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        and that's one of the reasons why I bought a laptop with an nvidia graphics (optimus ) instead of with an amd graphics included:

        one reason is the bad bios / efi implementation by HP (not AMD's fault) where you can't easily turn off the dedicated graphics

        another is the still late and worse driver support with catalyst related to kernels and xorg-server and the lack of proper power management on laptops where it's absolutely paramount - unless of course you're using a desktop replacement ...

        so I ended up with an Thinkpad (I've been told & read that they are among the best supported and working under Linux) - things have to "just work"

        besides that I'm pretty happy with my AMD desktop graphics card


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          I would bet on nVidia for the SteamBox, it is the only sensible choice. Unless we are talking about H2 2013 onwards, then, maybe haswell will be a decent choice.

          With regards to a next hardware vendor, I believe AMD is up for grabs, they cannot stay competitive as a independent company, but they do have some very interesting IP. Rumors are already flying that Samsung or Qualcomm would be interested. The way I see it, TI would probably be the best fit for AMD, they seem to be a little more open minded with regards to open drivers, are involved in linaro, even employ a guy who develops an open adreno driver in his spare time, and are the only big SoC vendor who don't have a in house GPU design, so they may make some blocks to be used in ARM SoCs and use the CPU IP to enhance their ARM designs and even tackle x86 market. I cannot believe that Intel is the only company which sees value in a truly functioning open source driver.


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            "Just release the code already, and arrange for anyone who tries to block it to find a new position where being an idiot is acceptable."

            Thanks Dave!
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            AMD: X1950XTX, HD3870, HD5870
            Intel: GMA45, HD3000 (Core i5 2500K)


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              The ATOMBIOS vs radeonhd thing in this article is bullshit from the usual phoronix shit.

              Its not about directly programming the hw its about programming the hw that programs the hw. the ATOM tables are fine for doing static PM stuff, but no use for dynamic, writing the code outselves wouldn't help that, so Michael well done for more retard level logic.



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                Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
                Bridgman, any news on UVD side?
                If they weren't able to do anything about PM which is their HW (i think at least ) i wouldn't expect them to release something that involves DRM, proprietary codecs etc.

                And with the lack of manpower in Mesa there is a small chance that we ll get something shader based.


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                  I'd be happy if I could just use my Radeon HD 4770 card on Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 without random "[fglrx] ASIC hang happened" lockups about 20% of the time when Sauerbraten starts. This is with fglrx "Driver Packaging Version" 8.96.7-120312a-135598C-ATI.


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                    Who can stand bridgman's bullshit anyway? I can't

                    His rhetoric just turn people into sick wreck's.

                    The people just should fix problems like bridgman:

                    Drop any mobile device with gnu-linux and if you need a Mobil one buy a android phone.
                    Use windows for any serious "work" or do it like michael larabell: use macos for any serious "work"
                    For Bridgman and Michael Linux is a "toy" and only strange nerds use it for serious.

                    Anyway any "Linux" customer of AMD hardware (and Nvidia hardware and Intel hardware) is stupid and this is a "fact" and Bridgman knows it its a simple Corporatism Economic fact the stupid Linux customers cross-platform-subsidy windows(-closed-source-drivers) with a factor of ~50

                    And Linux customers can only escape this "trap" if they buy "Closed-source-ARM" hardware.

                    So its simple... be a stupid Linux customer and buy AMD hardware or be a smart Linux customer and buy ARM hardware.

                    And for Bridgman the AMD customers are only victims who pay the bill of his luxury life.