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Radeon Gallium3D Now Does MSAA On R600

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    Originally posted by whitecat View Post
    Xonotic is a fork of Nexuiz. I know nexuiz have different launcher, like nexuiz-sdl and nexuiz-glx. See if there is something similar with xonotic.
    on both the same result


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      Originally posted by marek View Post
      As I said before, the MSAA can be used through OpenGL framebuffer objects, not through GLX, which some apps use instead. That will hopefully be tackled in the next Mesa release. GLX support is kinda a separate project on its own.
      Ah. Since most apps render directly to GLX buffers rather than OpenGL framebuffer objects, I'm guessing there are very few whose MSAA actually works with the r600 driver right now. Do you know of any that do off-hand? I've got a suitable kernel set up to test this, but without any software to test that's kinda pointless.


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        MSAA should work with all Direct3D applications in Wine. (Wine is using FBOs to implement MSAA for Direct3D)


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          How nice that a feature supports emulated apps before native ones


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            That has more to do with the quality of "native" linux ports. Oh, and wine is not an emulator, a native windows game running in wine is more native to linux then a java app or a C# app running in mono.


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              Perhaps you missed the smiley

              Also it has nothing to do with port quality. It's simply often easier to use an AA visual, so guess which method most apps use.


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                It gets better:

                r600g: use better sample positions for 8x MSAA

                Taken from the intel driver. The sample positions are actually a solution to the 8 queens puzzle. It gives more accurate and smoother AA.


                r600g: implement texturing with 8x MSAA compressed surfaces for Evergreen

                The 2x and 4x MSAA cases are completely broken. The lfdptr instruction returns garbage there.

                The 8x MSAA case is broken on Cayman, though at least the result looks somewhat correct.

                Only the 8x MSAA case works on Evergreen and is enabled.