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Running The Radeon Driver With GLAMOR

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  • Running The Radeon Driver With GLAMOR

    Phoronix: Running The Radeon Driver With GLAMOR

    While the open-source ATI driver doesn't have some super fast 2D acceleration architecture equivalent to Intel's SNA or a developer making prolific contributions to the DDX, as of earlier this month the Radeon driver has support for GLAMOR...

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    Considering that most modern Radeons have better OpenGL performance than even the best Intel GPUs it makes sense that GLAMOR performs better on Radeons. Then again, the performance is better when using the binary driver, not when using the open source driver. I think...

    What about an open source driver deathmatch Michael?


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      Modern AMD card has and OpenGL support are oxymorons unless you are using the blob.


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        I can't start X when AccelMethod is set to glamor...