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Second try... A8-3500M + Radeon HD 6650M: make it cool?

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  • Second try... A8-3500M + Radeon HD 6650M: make it cool?

    Since my last thread got hijacked by some blob pushing loser.... second try:

    Ok, so I've got an Acer AS5560G-SB448 with A8-3500M + Radeon HD 6620G.
    It is running pretty well, but seems a touch on the warm side, idles at about 60-65^C. Seems a little high for a 35 watt part with the fan blowing about 1/3 to 1/2 power....

    power management method is set to profile, profile is set to low. Doesn't seem to make any difference from profile set to default. Setting the method to "dynpm" crashes the kernel in a very bad way. There is zero problem with performance, my GPU needs are very low, and compositing is unbelievably fluid.

    Now questions about this processors specifications and what I can expect to be able to do with it;

    1) CPU cores idle at 800 MHz, and max out at 1500 MHz. Now I know that the thing is *supposed* to "turbocore" up to 2400 MHz, but this doesn't seem to actually happen. Any way to make this work? Any way to get the thing to scale down LOWER than 800 MHz? 800 MHz seems a little higher than it needs to be. Any way to shut down excess cores when not needed?
    2) Voltages... they scaling properly for CPU and GPU? Any way to monitor these? Any way to check the GPU frequency?

    Objective here is to damn the performance, force it to use as little power as possible. Any suggestions?