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AMD Radeon Catalyst: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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    Yes, I agree they should get a dynamic option stable and enabled by default. But for measuring the open drivers on the APU, it should be done with the high profile too.

    (when will we see the clocks moved out of debugfs? It's not a debug action)


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      Originally posted by mitcoes View Post
      Ubuntu Studio is also LTE

      It has a low latency kernel

      Kernel that can be installed for testing

      MS WOS has a 300 Hz kernel, Ubuntu a 100 Hz one, and Ubuntu Studio a 1000 Hz
      Windows can switch to 1000Hz when needed. This happens when a multimedia timer is requested by an application. (Happens when starting Media Player, for example.)


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        I'm sure the next intel "APU" generation will rape AMD completely on the opensource side.
        The current generation is already doing that. I've been an AMD fan since the glorious Athlon XP days, but a few months ago I bought a crappy Pentium G840 and the graphics performance is so much better than it ever was with my former Athlon II + 785G system. The worst part is that the HD4200 in the 785G chipset is supposed to be a little better than the Intel HD graphics in the G840. What a difference good drivers make!

        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        and on the CPU side most of the time you can save 20euro if you buy a amd cpu but what does this matters if you need to buy a 80€ graphic card because the amd APUs perform like shit with the opensource driver?
        right now you get a faster cpu on intel side and a faster gpu on amd side but only if you use a closed source driver
        with opensource drivers you get a faster cpu on intel side and a faster gpu on intel side and a lower price ..LOL!
        Actually... the graphics performance with Catalyst is reasonable when it comes to stand-alone full screen 3D apps, but the desktop performance is terrible. In the case of the systems I mentioned above it's much worse than the lowly Pentium G840. I can't use the 3D variant of Unity or Gnome Shell with Catalyst.

        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        and the time for big PCIe graphic-cards are over
        I would stop that sentence there. In a few more years discrete GPUs will be a thing of the past. The tendency is clearly to integrate everything into a single chip.
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