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HD4870 X2 - CrossFire doubt

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  • HD4870 X2 - CrossFire doubt

    I am preparing to buy a new GPU. Currenlty I am most inclined to buy a used HD4870 X2. However, on one of auction descriptions I found that on this card two GPUs are "crossfired" together. How does it relate to r600 driver, which has no support of CrossFire? Is the card seen by OS as a single or two GPUs? My understanding is, if OS is booted with two GPUs, it utilizes only one of them.

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    X2 cards show up as two GPUs on the PCI bus. Currently the open source driver is not able to utilize both chips in a crossfire configuration, but it will load on both GPUs and in theory you can use them independently, however, only one GPU has displays wired to it.


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      I see. So I have to scratch all double cards. Thanks. Now the most appeling one is the HD 4890.


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        They should still work with the open source driver, however you can only take advantage of one GPU at the moment.


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          Considering I will not have any opportunity to benefit from two separate GPUs, like 3D modelling, I am better off with a cheaper, single card. I also considered HD 5870, but those are too expensive yet. And I am not going to buy anything else then the most powerful card of a generation. Now I am aiming for a cheap, but powerful one (it has twice as much flops as my current one, and much better driver support), and then I will be able to save up for the next generation card.