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AMD R600 LLVM Back-End Called For Inclusion

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    export laws are only for export but releasing open-source software is NOT A EXPORT!

    for example "source-forge" the website if THEY upload this to "Iran" then the Export LAW hits.

    but the Export LAW hit NOT if someone release open-source in the USA.
    I'm guessing you haven't actually read the regs yet, right ?

    It's *really* not as simple as you claim.
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      *bridgman has left the Q Continuum


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        Originally posted by bridgman View Post
        *bridgman has left the Q Continuum
        Bridgman and the lawyers that say I have to follow every possible export law in the world to use AMD software. This is a crock. No matter how you try to defend it, it will still be a crock. Can you just admit it's a total crock and fix the license?

        I'm subject to two major sets of laws. US federal laws and Indiana state laws. I don't care what the law is anywhere else and I shouldn't have to. If I find a loophole in the law that lets me circumvent it to help someone, AMD shouldn't close it by misusing their copyright.


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          Originally posted by DaemonFC View Post
          Saying you can only use it as part of Mesa does make it nonfree.
          The license says no such thing.

          If you use it outside of Mesa, you get the standard modified BSD license.

          If you use it inside Mesa, then you get a non-standard modified BSD license with relaxed attribution requirements.

          Both cases are completely FSF-approved Free Software licenses. It's Free Software either way, and you can use it to your heart's desire.


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            Originally posted by Qaridarium
            LOL and only because the "Constitutional Court" gives you the "Final" answer of your Question.
            You know that there's no such thing as the "Constitutional Court", right?

            Oh wait, it's Q.


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              Originally posted by Qaridarium
              there is no other word for it. in german "Verfassungsgericht"

              Verfassungsgericht=Constitutional Court its the highest Judicial review

              "The United States Constitution does not explicitly establish the power of judicial review. Rather, the power of judicial review has been inferred from the structure, provisions, and history of the Constitution.[1]"

              Wait, so Bridgman is supposed to fight American laws in a German court?



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                Qaridarium & DaemonFC really are negatives to this community.


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                  Attack helicopters have had highly sensitive FLIR systems for a long time. This is in addition to other battlefield surveillance assets. Even with the latest enhancements, they are not able to read minds. The best camouflage for the insurgent remains as it was -- other people.

                  I am not aware of any near term systems which will be helicopter borne with a hard kill capabillity on a SAM. Please point the way if you have an example. For example, Firestrike would impose too much of a weight penalty (power supply and cooling) to be immediately useful for rotary wing aircraft. Ballistic CIWS systems would also weight too much. Soft kill options exist, such as DIRCM systems. These will have to progressively improve with the introduction of imaging infrared guidance.

                  Oh, John Connor's Tech-Com forces would make short work of your automatic turrets.

                  This thread is supposed to be about OpenCL on ATI hardware by FOSS drivers, so I will ask a question about this.
                  How much benefit is Ontario/Zacate predicted to be able to derive from OpenCL compute? Will they be significantly bandwidth starved? Will the scheduling of the processors be significantly different enough to make tuning difficult? Does anyone have numbers for Zacate GPU OpenCL performance under Catalyst? Will FOSS OpenCL be able to harvest a similar amount of FLOPS or will it be ~80%, similar to OpenGL?


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                    Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    my "annihilation" Program is like a nuclear weapon you fly over enemy territory and the "Program" end all human life on the way.
                    there is no need for read minds!

                    and civilian deaths are just Collateral damage

                    ok i hope you get the point now.
                    So, i got an email about this reply and randomly read that part of it first.

                    I'm getting a little worried about Q.

                    No idea what this conversation is about, but that doesn't sound good.


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                      Originally posted by Qaridarium
                      "senseless ramblings about how life isn't fair"
                      STFU please just STFU